Another Classmate's Accomplishment!

Richard (Dick) Gardner Memorial Park

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Dick and Kathleen moved to the Huntsville AL area

Here is PPG Industries, Aerospace Division where Dick worked

Dick and some of his fellow employees were working on establishing a company recreation area when he died.    On the first anniversary of his death, Kathleen and their children were invited to a picnic and found that the park was named in Dick's honor........

Below are pictures of the park


The following is a message from Kathleen about the park:

Dick spear headed  the design and development of the idea of having a park for the employees to have a recreation area located behind the plant for the enjoyment of the employees and their families  He was very head strong and was bound and determined to make this happen and make it a beautiful place.  He and others physically worked endless hours on this project until its completion. 
The first summer after his death, they invited me, my children and other family members to the first annual picnic.  At this event they surprised us by naming the park "GARDNER PARK".  I was overwhelmed and became very emotional.  (just like now)  Anyway, the children (Kim, Doug and Pam) and I are very proud of Dick and his determination to have a place for families to relax and enjoy. We definitely need more or that--don't we..........
The employees have their annual picnic at this location every summer.  The men (along with their beer) start barbecuing the night before and set up a great picnic for everyone to enjoy.  A caterer provides most of the food.  Various games including fishing contests for the children, bingo, dunking booth, etc. and bunches of door prizes are some of the activities.
GARDNER PARK is open through out the year for the employees to enjoy.  The employees continue to expand and make improvements to enhance the beauty of this lovely place.  Come on down y'all and I'll take you on a tour.


Just one more reason to be proud of our classmates of the Class of 1953!


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