November 04, 2005

Friday's Musings

Pushing back the frontiers of ignorance..................

Ex-Security Chief Blows Whistle on UN's Kosovo Mission - ( - Following five years of United Nations control and billions of dollars of international aid, Kosovo is a lawless region "owned" by the Albanian mafia, characterized by continuing ethnic cleansing and subject to increasing infiltration by al Qaeda-linked Muslim jihadists, according to a whistleblower interviewed by Cybercast News Service... Remember when our indicted, disbarred and held in contempt of court former President Clinton started this in 1999 and told us our troops would be home by Christmas............

Juan's Juanderings.................

Sins can be forgiven but STUPID is forever

Looking back over the years that we've been together, I can't help but wonder: What was I thinking

You know it's time to do the laundry when you dry off with a sneaker."

And remember, aim low, reach your goals, avoid disappointment.

Everything is funny as long as it's happening to someone else.

Sara's Section.......................

October National Communicate With Your Kids Month [if they will listen]

This is Squirrel Appreciation Week

October 6 is . . . . . Come and Take It Day [I thought that was April 15!]

October 6 is . . . . . World Habitat Day

October 6 is . . . . . Women's New Day

October 7 is . . . . . National Frappe Day

October 8 is . . . . . American Tag Day

October 8 is . . . . . National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day

October 8 is . . . . . Worldwide: Top Spinning At Noon Day

October 9 is . . . . . Moldy Cheese Day

October 9 is . . . . . Leif Erickson Day [and the Leaves are falling right now]

October 9 is . . . . . World Post Day

October 10 is . . . . National Angel Food Cake Day

October 10 is . . . . National Headache Day

October 10 is . . . . World Egg Day

October 11 is . . . . The day the first Happy Hour was celebrated in 1745. [In Ireland - where else!]

October 11 is . . . . General Pulaski Memorial Day

October 11 is . . . . National School Celebration Day

October 11 is . . . . It's My Party Day

October 12 is . . . . International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day

October 12 is . . . . National Children's' Day [are this one and the one above a coincidence?]

Things you NEVER Hear.............................

No, Honey, you control the remote tonight. It's too big a burden on me.

I'm with the IRS. We found an error on your return. It seems we owe you a lot of money.

No, your check didn't bounce. In fact, you have plenty of money in your account.

I know we just met, but would you consider going to the Bahamas with me for two weeks?

You've lost weight!

It's been an unbelievable week here in Absurdia. One of the political parties is in a self destruct mode right now and is the talk of Absurdistan! Can't wait to see what next week brings!

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