April 16, 2010


Pushing back the frontiers of the National Socialist Workers Party……


Why did Obama ditch the press corps on Tuesday, ostensibly to attend a non-existent soccer game at Sidwell-Friends?


Why did Oprah lie about poverty and sex abuse in her autobiography?  And is it true about her “relationship” with Diane Sawyer?  Who wants to know?


And, why weren’t Great Britain and Israel, our two most reliable allies in attendance at that dog and pony show in DC this week?  It is a curious state of affairs when relations with our major democratic allies are all wobbly at once…..


HR 1388 PASSED!  We will spend $20,000,000 to move Hamas members/supporters into the US and provide them with better benefits than our seniors are getting.  Don’t you just love Congress!


The White House phone rang at 3:00 am.  Nobody answered.  When Poland lost its leaders in a plane crash in Russia, British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown issued a statement.  French President Nicholas Sarkozy issued a statement.  Nothing from Obama - guess they couldn’t wake him up.

Marvelous Mary’s Mirthful Murmurings……………….


Jeb Bush began giving political interviews Thursday, spurring rumors he may run for president. The talk radio crowd was overjoyed to see him. Conservatives are like alcoholics in their persistent delusion that the next Bush will turn out differently


President Obama met with Queen Elizabeth. He was the 11th U.S. President the Queen has met with, and the first one where she spent the entire meeting clutching her purse


My favorite Bible fable is the one where everyone loafs and fishes.


Did you ever notice: When you put the 2 words 'The' and 'IRS' together it spells 'Theirs.


If it wasn't for Venetian blinds, it would have been curtains for all of us.

Serendipitous Sarah’s Scrupulous Scanning’s………………..


This is still International Twit Award Month


This is National Karaoke Week


April 18 is International Jugglers Day


April 18 is Eggs, Eggs, Eggs Days


April 19 is Garlic Day  


April 19 is Beyond Rejection Slip Day


April 20 is Look Alike Day


April 21 is Kindergarten Day


April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day


April 23 is Read To Me Day


April 24 is National Pigs In A Blanket Day


April 24 is National Hairball Awareness Day

Happy Hilda’s Hilarious Headlines……………………….


WAS IT AN ATTORNEY, OR AN INSURANCE AGENT? "Doctors Perform C-Section on Non-Pregnant Woman" WTVD-TV (Raleigh-Durham, N.C.) headline


We'd Like to Report Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel, Tom Daschle, Kathleen Sebelius and Hilda Solis: "Make Money by Turning In Tax Cheats" - WUSA-TV Web site (Washington)


He's Repeating All of Clinton's Mistakes: "EDITORIAL: Obama Eyes Interns" - The Washington Times


Even FDR Didn't Go That Far: "Obama Considering as Many as 10 Candidates for High Court Opening" - The Washington Post


We Blame Global Warming: "Near-Death Experience Explained by High Levels of CO2" - FoxNews.com


Redundant Stories of the Day: "Obama Gets Preachy" - Time.com

Headlines Barry M. Deep would like to see……………


Eulogy for Polish President to Include Many Z's and K's


20-Year Friendship Ends at Altar 


Badly Shaken Hollywood Celebrities Blame Brunch Interruption on Earthquake; Elsewhere, Quarter of a Million of Haitians Still Dead


Man Fails to See Irony That Playing Solitaire on iPhone in Unemployment Line Is What He Did All Day at Former Job


L.A. Voters Approve Urban Renewal By Landslide

Serious Suzie’s Semi-Sweet Sayings…………..


Irish Water Spaniel + English Springer Spaniel  = Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as a whistle


Labrador Retriever + Curly Coated Retriever = Lab Coat Retriever, the choice of research scientists


Newfoundland + Basset Hound = Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisors


Terrier + Bulldog = Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes

Punctual Paul’s Pernicious Puns………………


Texas makes me think of the old slogan "Remember the Alamo." It seems that during that battle, the guy in charge of the whole thing put his wife, of all people, on the battle line. She was shot by the enemy, shattered her patella, and had to be removed from the front line. After the fighting was over, she divorced her husband, and sued for Alamo knee


A New Mexico business owner was arrested for possessing plastic bins containing various human body parts. He will plead not guilty and, by every estimation, he has several legs to stand on


A coalition of health professionals and others are calling for Ronald McDonald to retire, saying he has too much influence over kids. Apparently they think he is some kind of hot apple pie-d piper

Gentleman Jim’s Generic Gems…………..

      And the world’s shortest books.




THINGS WE KNOW TO BE TRUE by Al Gore & John Kerry






TO ALL THE MEN WE'VE LOVED BEFORE by Ellen de Generes & Rosie O'Donnel

Literal Larry’s Liturgical Leavings…………..


I told my teenage son to enjoy this part of his life, that he would never again feel so secure in his ignorance.


I know that you're nobody's fool, but maybe someone will adopt you


There are only four words in the English language which end in 'dous': tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.


There are only two words in the English language that have all five vowels in order: 'abstemious' and 'facetious.'

That’s it for this week from your embedded community organizer, still circling the Woodbine Beltway, looking for the route to Absurdia, the principle city of The People’s Democratik Republik of Absurdistan and just 30 kilometers (look it up!) from where the Kenyan born President Obama signed a historic treaty with the Russian president today. Not everyone's happy about it. It was a "summit between a powerful communist leader and the president of Russia

But, on the other hand…………..


Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions.  You may have a heart of gold -- but so does a hard-boiled egg!

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