Big Al's Bodacious Adventure!!!

On May 24, 2004, I did the Richard Petty Driving Experience.  A Fifty Year dream came true!  There were 15 of us in the class, all but myself in the 21 - 50 years old range.

All pictures below can be enlarged by clicking on them

This is what 700 horses look like

Here is my ticket!

Deep Contemplation!

Al professional pose

Our Hero!

Al's pit crew

My accomplished pit crew - Ben, Wyatt, me, Ethan, Matt!

Al getting belted in

Getting the 5 point seat belt tight!


There is my "ride"

A "Close up & Personal

A "last goodbye!"

Al - ready to go

Where is my drivers license?

Al is ready to go

Can't back out now! This is a genuine NASCAR Pontiac Grand Prix with over 700 HP, warmed up, ready to go!

The start


Al at mid run

Mid run........

The finish

The Finish!!!!!

Al climbing out

It's over, climb out.....................


Who's excited?


The certificate!


The trophy

The Trophy!

The challenge          Orlando International Raceway
                                  Google picture of raceway at Orlando FL

Wanna try to beat me?  Sign up at

"The Wreck"

A "friend" claims this is the "after" picture!

The top speed of the rest of the class ran from 114 mph to 119 mph.  As you can see, Big Al clocked in officially at 121 mph.

The Indianapolis (IRL) cars ran their first ever race here on January 27,1996.  won by Buzz Calkins!

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