The home of St Francis!

We arrive in Assisi

Our Hotel - another winner!

The view from my room!

Looking down from the hotel

The Basilica built over St Francis'
original church

A closer look

The Nativity in the church square

Visitors arriving

One of the beautiful doors

A depiction of "some of the gang"

A view from the front of the church

This door is only opened every
25 years

St Francis' first chapel!!!

A closer look

An even closer look

Side view of the Chapel

Inside the Chapel

Other side of the Chapel

The alter behind the chapel

A side room

At last! an unpainted dome!
Going to bid on painting it and sub-
bid the job to Leo Kennedy!

A beautiful garden in a side passage

The side passage

An another

The exit from the book store

Small bronze of St Francis

Sidewalk outside the Church
with Wyatt & our intrepid guide

Side view of the church
with some of the family

Convent beside St Francis' Church
Note the beautiful cypress trees!

This is Assisi - the town

Typical street scene

And another

The family looking for lunch

This is the house where St Francis grew up.

This is a depiction of St Francis'
parents & Wyatt & Ethan

Not open?

Another street scene

Basilica of St Claire

A close up of the Basilica

Crucifix which spoke to St Francis

St Francis' actual clothing
(behind glass, so not clear)

Body of St Claire

Street scene with Ben, Barbara &Nick

The Roman Temple of Minerva,
converted to a Catholic Church

Inside the Temple

Another curious street scene

Family ambling through Assisi

Basilica of St Francis

A closer look

A look at the interior

A detailed look

The entrance to the lower Basilica

Actual patched clothing of St Francis

Crypt of St Francis

You take the high road &
I'll take the low road

Sunset in the valley in Umbria

You can see the lower Basilica
in the distance

Another closer view

Olive trees on left & right,
orange tree in the middle

Leaving Assisi

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