Isle of Capri & Sorrento

A mosaic of the Isle of Capri

Downtown Sorrento from the train station

The Mediterranean Sea from our balcony

Dusk in the town piazza

Night time in the town piazza

Another view

Barbara & Ethan on our balcony

Nativity scene in the local church

A close up

Another view of the surrounding area

The street turns right and zigzags up to the top
And yes, we walked up these steps

View from the docks

This is our ferry boat to the
Isle of Capri

A view back toward Sorrento

Some of our "Merry Crew"

Fist look at the Isle of Capri

And here is the town

I cover the waterfront!

And the other direction

Some of the tour boats in the harbor

More of the waterfront

A view of the town from the bus.
And if you have never been frightened,
you have to ride the bus

A garden in the piazza

An upscale street (one of the few)

Another view of the town

Wyatt poses on the dock

Another view of the town

Water Taxi at the Blue Grotto

The Entrance to the Blue Grotto

Water level view of the entrance

Matt, Katy & Ethan in "taxi"

Here we go!

Barbara, Wyatt & Ben

Barbara, the boys and Pop

Entrance from inside the Blue Grotto

The reason it is called the Blue Grotto

I told you do!

Another view of the entrance

Fish in the Mediterranean

Matt & Pop on the waterfront!
The whole gang, ready to leave

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