Castle Saint Angelo

In ancient times, when the Pope was in danger, he fled across a viaduct to this castle for protection

Built by Hadrian to be used as his tomb!

This is the castle and the viaduct
is in the left center of the shot

Part of the viaduct with archeological
digging in front

Ben, Wyatt & Nick check out a niche

The entrance courtyard

The actual dark entrance to
the Staircase of Alexander VI

The beginning of the steps to the top

Ethan & Ben check out a giant crossbow

A front view of the crossbow

Wyatt & Ethan, kings of the hill
Cannonballs in the Courtyard of Honor

A look down

Horizon from the castle

A framed picture of St Peter's

A suit of armor in the museum

An ornate, early pistol

A small cannon

The famous Tiber River

A Bridge across the Tiber
The statues along the sides are by Bernini

A tour boat on the Tiber

Some rare pottery

The statue on top of the castle

The building with the chariot on the top
is the Department of Finance

A closer look at the chariot

That is an outdoor ice rink in the center of
the picture! Click here to see our kids skating!

Another shot of the horizon

Ben, Ethan, Barbara, Wyatt & Nick
at the top of the castle

Another look at the Tiber as we leave

A look back at the castle

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