The Famous Catacombs

These are on four levels -all underground - and contains the Crypt of the Popes and the Crypt of Santa Cecilia

The driveway onto the site

The cypress trees along the walk

The visitor's center

A rather pretty garden on the site

An orange tree - a treat for me!

Our English speaking guide

Down we go - four levels

Crypt of the Popes

The guide explaining a few things
to Ethan

Some of the archive

Ethan checking out a statue of an
inhabitant of the catacomb

Original wall paintings

Some rough-cut graves

The first known Christian paintings - behind
an insulated glass window that was fogged.

A close-up of the painting

Clay lamps found in the catacomb

Some artifacts

More tombs - death rate of infants was
more than 55% in those days

More artifacts

Our group walking along THE APPIAN WAY!
I can't tell you how it felt to walk along this historic road!
How neat is that!

A house along the Appian way, complete
with orange trees!

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