The Coliseum & the Forum

This is the subway stop for the area

First glimpse of the Coliseum
Built in 80 AD, seated over 50,000

Getting a little closer

Home of Augustus and later, Flavian
Built in 1 BC

Digging at the base of the Home

Another view

A mural delineating the birth of
the Roman Empire on the side of the
home of Augustus

Next set of murals

A close-up

Barbara, Ben, Nick, Wyatt & Ethan

Ethan & Nick check out a gladiator

Some view!  A sheet of canvas covered
the entire building in the summer!!

And more

Some reconstruction

One of 76 entries into the interior

The holes you see were used to hold the marble
on the walls.  The marble was stripped to clad
newer buildings being built

An "After" & "Before" marble cladding

The Coliseum with the Forum in
the background on the left

Wall reconstruction sample

Another view

The Forum!!

How about those horses!

The old and new

The Arch of Constantine, the first
Christian Emperor built in 300 AD

A side view of part of the Forum

Another view

More Forum

Part of the ancient Imperial Palace
(from a bus)

Here is the Old & the New!

Part of the city wall

Traffic on the historic APPIAN WAY!

On the way out of the area


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