Florence (or Firenze)

The home of the Renaissance!


Our Eurotran train is on the left

"The Duomo"  Famous for it's dome
by Brunelleschi

The Bell Tower built by Giotto

The Baptistry

The Holy Door! opened once every
25 years

Close-up of one of the panels

Details of some of the marble statues!

The main entrance

Close-up of the entrance

 Area above the door

The group on their way

Hospital of the Innocents

Unwanted babies' were
passed through the lower opening
 to be raised by the nuns

St Mark's -  famous for frescos
of Fra Angelico

St Giuliana Falconieri

Somebody's crypt?


Interior courtyard

Interior panel


Some room!

A fresco of "The Last Supper"

A rather typical street

Back inside the Duomo

Frescos inside the Duomo

Frescos inside the Duomo

Frescos inside the Duomo

Frescos inside the Duomo

Typical stores in Florence

Bridge over the Arno River

The Ponto Vecchio - Famous bridge with shops,
the only bridge in Florence not blown up
by the retreating German army

A close-up of the Ponto Vecchio

Somebody's back yard - rather nice

Yet another street in Florence

Some fine dining is about to happing!


Just another Piazza

Bar made famous by many American authors

Our hotel - the "Gallery"


The "Study" beside the lobby

Another exterior view of the hotel


Just an interesting view


Another street scene

A "live" window display

Palazzo Vecchio - home of the
Medici's who had more money than.....

The Piazza Vecchio- loaded with
famous sculptures

One of those sculptures

And another

The original of the Statue of David

Another view

Another sculpture

A tapestry of Palazzo Vecchio

An interior shot to give an idea
of the scale of this hall

And another


Picture of the ceiling

One of the HUGE paintings


And another

One of the sculptures


Another painting

One of the rooms in the palace


A view of the hall from the balcony


Another painting

The Medici Chapel - one of the Medicis'
became Pope at 11 years of age


Another painting

And another


Another room


Globe in the "Map" room


Looking for the "secret door!"


Aha!  Ethan & Wyatt found the "secret door"


A private interview with Mrs. Medici,
arraigned for by friends of our guide, Nick

The Duchess intimidates Wyatt

Another room of the Medici's

On our way again

Santa Croce

Dante's Tomb

Galileo's Tomb


Marconi's tomb

The main alter, under repair


Machiavelli's Tomb

Michelangelo's Tomb

Dante's Tomb

The symbol of the region - if you rub it's nose
you will return to Florence

Ethan is going to find out if it is true

The Arno River from the hills

A cityscape of Florence on a misty day

The surrounding hills

A little closer view

A really good copy of "David"

Another view of "David"

Image of the Protectress of Florence
in Santa Croce

Random painting in Santa Croce

Latin engraving on the floor

Our Street - you can see the famous bridge
over the Arno River

Ready to leave?

An "Artsy" one taken at night, in the
rain with raindrops on the lens

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