Miscellaneous Churches

Around Rome

Inside the Church of St. Ignatius

A closer look

St Ignatius is buried beneath
this alter

Alter of St Francis Xavier

This is St Xavier's right arm and
 is said to be incorrupt

A plaque explaining the Chapel
of San Francisco Saverio

A plaque explaining the
Chapel of St Ignatius

Another side alter in the Church of
St Ignatius

The Piazza Navona with the
Church of St Agnes 

The sign for the Chiesa Gesu

The front of the Chiesa Gesu

Church of Louis of France

An explanation of the Caravaggio paintings

A Caravaggio painting -
"The Calling of St Matthew "

Another Caravaggio
"The Crucifixion of St Thomas"

A side alter

And a little closer

An old Roman Temple - now a museum 

Main alter in the Chiesa Gesu

Explanation of the Church of Chaisa Gesu

The tomb of a Jesuit Cardinal

Funerary monument for Pope Gregory
in the Ludovisi Family Mausoleum

Plaque explaining the monument

Another alter in the church

The dome of the Chiesa Gesu was never built so
an artist painted a flat canvas so that it looked
like a dome from the inside of the church!!!!!!

The "Glory of St Ignatius" statue

Courtyard of the Basilica Holy Mary of the Angels
The titular church of Cardinal Keeler of Baltimore

The main facade of the Basilica.  It was
built on top of the Baths of Diocletian

Another look

Sculptures of the Holy Family in the courtyard


The side of the Basilica -showing the ancient Roman baths

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