The rather famous


(A rainy day in Rome)

Our first view of the Pantheon
while the group inspects a stele

The rear of the Pantheon

A side view (with pigeons)

Excavation done at the side of
the Pantheon

Barbara, Wyatt & Nick at the
side of the building

And, here it is! Built by Hadrain in
118 AD and contains Raphael's tomb

A close-up of the facade

There is the group, in the front-middle

The forum was converted to a
church many years ago

There is a hole in the roof!
Tradition says that since the building
became a church rain no longer falls
through the hole - Wrong!  I saw the
wet floor.........

A view of the dome

A Nativity scene in the Pantheon

A statue "del Rendentore" by

The Piazza outside the Pantheon

A ancient painting of the Pantheon showing
how much the street has been filled in
over time

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