Pompeii & Vesuvius

The railroad stop for Pompeii

The first look

And another

A very nice home

The family at the Forum

The Forum with Mount Vesuvius
in the background


Ethan & Vesuvius

Skeeter, Skooter & Ben

A typical floor mosaic

The entrance to a gymnasium

Interior of the gymnasium
Down another street

The local theater

A closer look

Rear of the theater

A close-up of the theater from

The Temple of Jupiter

The field where gladiators fought

A wall  painting - mural

The family headed towards Vesuvius

A busy street in old Pompeii

Another view of Vesuvius -
looks peaceful now!

A still standing big wall

An un-dug area

You can still see the murals

An area under reconstruction

Pop, Ethan, Wyatt & Ben in front
of an ancient mural

Another area

Ethan, Wyatt & Ben on the way out

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