Beautiful Ravello
& the Amalfi Coast

We stayed in a hotel, Hotel Parsifal, that was constructed as a monastery in the early 1100's!
It is family owned, friendly, WiFi available and fantastic!  I recommend it!

We got in late at night and this
was all I could see

And this is what I saw in the morning!

From my balcony

Also from my balcony
The blue strips are sheets of plastic to protect
the grapes & olives from hail in February

Our leader and artist, Leo Kennedy
and Ethan

Ethan & a date palm tree

Another beautiful view

Rather nice!

These folks build everywhere possible!

View from other side of my balcony

How about this view!

The group starts out on an adventure

Exterior of lobby of our hotel!

The central plaza of Ravello

The above plaque tells that the movie
Beat The Devil" with Bogart, Lollabrigita,
 Capote. etc. was shot here in this town

Another view of the Mediterranean

Dinner with the group!

And, another view

A cloudy morning

This is our hotel - my room is the one with
the arches!!


Rather picturesque

Another view of the terraces

Another picturesque shot

That's me from the restaurant

A watercolor done by our fearless
leader - Leo Kennedy


A sketch done by Leo in a few minutes!
(Wyatt has a scratched retina in his left eye)

Night time in Ravello's piazza

Tough pasture!

An "artsy" view from our hotel

And another

And again

Another view

The local church

Downtown Amalfi

A rather clever fountain

Amalfi, again

And again

The central square in Amalfi

The "top" of Amalfi

Local church - you had to pay to enter!

Proof that I climbed the stairs
in the picture on the left


On the road out of Amalfi

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