Our Rome Hotel &
Rome Street Scenes

Rome was founded in 800 BC by the twins, Romulus & Remus according to legend on the Pallatine Hill

The Valadier - very fine hotel

Another view of the entrance

The hotel & street

Piazza del Popolo

Our group entering the piazza
The obelisk is from Egypt

There we are!

North view of the piazza

Another view

East view of the twin domes

West side

The twin domes are Santa Maria dei Miracoli &
Santa Maria dei Montesanto

Porta del Popolo

Via Flaminia side of same exit
Statues of St Peter  & St Paul with
the Medici crest in the middle

Traffic on the Via Flaminia

The old and the new

A typical store in Rome!

A recommended place to buy souvenirs

Another view

A typical street around Christmas

Barbara window shopping, on the run

If I won a drawing, which vehicle
would I win?

Barbara with a really hot dessert!

A recommended gelati place!
And you MUST try gelati!

More than 57 varieties here!

Just another fountain!

A full size, wooden replica!

The big Rome newspaper

Column of the Immaculate Conception
Every December 8, the Pope attends
a ceremony there.

Rome is not flat as this picture proves

Just another pretty ruin

A traffic gate in an ancient city wall

And yet, another fountain

An evening view

The subway entrance

Ooh! Look at this!

Everybody looks!

Wyatt picks out lunch at La Barca Ristorante
The kid's favorite in Rome

The group ready to dive into a Caprese Salad
and this is one of the best salads ever!
Made with sliced tomatoes and sliced buffalo mozzarella cheese

Ethan, Barbara & Wyatt
Is this your next car?
Made by Mercedes & Swatch

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