The Walled City of

This city has truly kept it's appearance intact since mediaeval times

Entrance through the CITY WALL

Pedestrian Entrance

This will give you some perspective on
how huge this wall really is

Another really fine Hotel!!

Ethan in room

Terrace attached to room

View from window of room

Another view from window

Street Scene

The family out on the town

Another street scene

A typical restaurant

Another neat street scene

I told you this city was OLD!

The Duomo Cathedral

The entrance to the Duomo

The family & Nick inspecting the door

Interior of the Duomo

Panel in the floor

Dome of the Cathedral

Alter in the Cathedral

Lower part of pulpit

Rest of the pulpit by
Nicola di Maestro Pietro

A side chapel in the Cathedral

Another floor panel

A number of different columns
used in the construction of the Cathedral

Part of the original church

Yep!  That is a real boar's head
from this region

Capella di Piazza

Part of the Palazzo Publico where they
hold the famous horse races around the
plaza twice a year

The base of the palazzo - the city hall

Another view of the palazzo

The spectacular small fountain
in the palazzo

Our guide, Nick, contemplates the
local dining situation

Wyatt has found civilization - at last!

Church of San Domenico

Gilded painting od St Catherine

Inside San Domenico

Another painting!

Main Alter

Courtyard of the house & and Church
of St Catherine

The embalmed head of St Catherine

Another view of the head of
St Catherine


Ethan, Barbara and Wyatt

Statue of St Catherine

Frescoed ceiling of St Catherine's church

Interior of the church

A rather typical Sienna store

Another street scene

A farewell look at the hotel

We are leaving this beautiful city

A final look back

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