Sistine Chapel & the Vatican

Entrance from St Peter's Palazzo

Entrance hall

And another hall

Palazzo of the Pine Cone

A closer look

Another hallway

A hallway ceiling!

And another Each of these hallways is devoted to
one theme.  Maps, statues, etc.

And another

A view out of the window
of a hallway

A wall painting

And another

Still more

Another ceiling

A little blurry

Another painting

Another ceiling

And again

And another

A different ceiling

At LAST - the Michelangelo ceiling!
Took 4 years to paint
  You are not allowed to take pictures in this room
but I managed to "bootleg" a few

The end wall - took 7 years to paint -
The Last Judgment!

A closer look at the ceiling
Center is "The Creation!!!

And again


On the way out

Another hallway


A look out of another window

Another hallway

Another ceiling!

And another


Another look out of a window

The rear of the Vatican

Crowd assembling for a view
of Pope Benedict

The second window from the right
on the top row is the Pope's library

Getting ready for the appearance

The crowd thickens

There is the Pope

A little closer

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