St Peter's Basilica

This is the hardest to present because I have so many more pictures than I can use but also hard to present in a logical order that could take you through as a tour guide would.....

View from the train station
That's St Peter's ,up top

Ethan, Barbara & Wyatt on the way!

Wyatt, Barbara, Ben & Nick with the
entrance to St Peter's in the center

The wall & the bridge to the Castle St Angelo

Entrance to the Vatican Museums

Here we are, ready to enter!

The entrance

The Main Square!!
Like much of Rome, Bernini was the
Architect/Designer of this square, 
designed to hold 300,000 people!

The Front of St Peters
All of this, designed by Bernini!

Another view

And another

This is known as Bernini's colonnade

A closer view

The other side

The Vatican is the building at the top
second window from the right (on top) is the library
in the Popes Apartment


And again

There doesn't seem to be an empty
space up there for you and me!

The fountain in the square

And closer

That's Ethan, Ben & Wyatt getting a closer view

The Christmas tree in the square
The obelisk is Egyptian and once
was in Nero's circus

The Nativity scene in the square

A closer view

And, again

That's the Vatican & Papal apartment on top

Another view of the square

The  bronze "Holy Door", only opened every
25 years.

The Swiss Guards

Another view of the Vatican & Papal apartment
 - someone is is in the library!

Ethan, Katy, Matt, Ben & Barbara
at the entrance

Just inside St Peter's

The Pieta, by Michelangelo (shot taken through
protective glass)

Wish this was clearer - picture at top is the ONLY
painting in St. Peters.  Everything else are a MOSAIC!

Papal altar and Baldachino designed by Bernini with
St Peters throne in background

View back from the altar

A listing of all of the Popes
that are buried in the Basilica

Grainy shot (because of the lighting) of one of the
side rooms

Another view of the main altar

The dome above the altar

Another view

Main altar again

Statue of Moses carved by

Wyatt on one of the only three pieces of this color
of marble in the world

Main altar again

St Peter is buried here

A side room in the Basilica

Another look

And another

Start of the trip to the Dome!

And there it is!

Some of the columns holding up the dome

A view from the dome, down into the Basilica through
a wire guard

And again

The Dome!

And again

The dome from the roof

Ben, Ethan & Wyatt, on the roof

Ethan, Wyatt & Ben at the base of a statue
of one of the Apostles

The Apostles

Another view from the roof

The building on the right is the rear of the Vatican

Ethan & Wyatt & a Swiss Guard

Ben, Wyatt, Ethan & a Swiss Guard

This is the saddest picture I have!
A worker has placed a traffic marker on what is
assumed to be the spot that St Peter was crucified.

The entrance to the undercroft

Going into the undercroft

Pope John Paul's grave

St Peter's Sepulture

A view of the tomb

And another

Am ancient altar

Entrance to St Peters at night

Too much motion for a clear picture

And again

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