Beautiful Venice !

How can you not love a city that has street signs like the above?

The pictures below are "thumbnails" click on each to see a larger picture.

Barbara & Ethan on Eurotran 
to Venice!

Our hotel & I recommend it to you!
Hotel Saturnia

Street in front of hotel

Second floor "sitting room" in the hotel

The street where the hotel is located

The famous San Marco Piazza

View from San Marco Piazza towards the lagoon

Famous Bell Tower in Piazza

Torre del Orologio

Torre del Orologio
The two figures at top move &
seem to hit the bell

Another view of Torre del Orologio

Another view of the Basilica

Basilica San Marco

Close up of Basilica San Marco

Famous four bronze horses
stolen by Napoleon

Another view of the horses

Front of the Basilica di San Marco

Doge's Palace on the San Marco Piazza

Another view of the Doge's Palace

Wyatt likes to scare the pigeons

The "Bridge of Sighs"

Ethan & Wyatt and some "friends"

The Rialto Bridge

Ben has something on his shoulder

Rialto Bridge from the Grand Canal

Ethan and a "pigeon hat"

The family on the Rialto Bridge

Wyatt and a few "friends"

Another look at San Marco Piazza

Grand Canal

Palazzo Gioranelli - Beautiful!

Another view


The Rialto Bridge

Rather picturesque!

Water Taxi on Grand Canal

View from Gondola

One of the churches on the Gran Canal

Marco Polo's Home

Just another home on the canal

Giovanni Casanova (Yes, that's him)
lived here

Someone else famous lived here too

Ben, Wyatt, Barbara, Gondolier, Ethan, Nick
setting out on a gondola ride

Out on the Grand Canal

One of the "streets"

Bridge & bridge

Another look at the "Bridge of Sighs"


Nice view!

Venice traffic jam

San Stae Church

Marco Polo's Home

Jus another "street scene"

Just "window shopping!"


"Window shopping of another kind


Another look from the gondola

The home of Ponce de Leon

Here is part of the family "on the street"

Approach to the "island of lace makers" - Murano

Barbara, Ben & Wyatt on the
island of Murano

Typical lace shop on Murano

Yes, this tower on Murano is
leaning to the right!!!
(Probably built by Conservatives)

An evening "street Scene" back in Venice

Gettin' out of town
Good-bye to the truly wonderful city of Venice!

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