THE JRR was founded in 1989 by George Z. whose continuing sobriety dates to December 15, 1971. His inspiration came from attending the Roy Dilley Retreat in Pennsylvania, named in honor of the man who founded AA in York Pennsylvania in 1948.

George felt that his own AA community in the Greater Baltimore area would benefit from the same opportunity for serenity and renewal. Borrowing from his Pennsylvania experience he adopted the same meeting format and selected the name of James Ridgely, in honor of the man credited with the founding of AA in Baltimore

Acting as a committee of one, George called upon the Baltimore Province of the Trinitarian Community at their monastery in Baltimore County. After explaining his intentions, including his honest admission that he could not guarantee how many men, if any, would come, the Trinitarians responded by honoring his request without hesitation or reservation. We will remain forever grateful for their unconditional assistance and continuing willingness to provide us this spiritual sanctuary each year.

As the result of George's efforts, the first James Ridgely retreat was held in January of 1989. At its conclusion Frank D. offered to help and the first committee was formed. In five years, the popularity of the retreat required its expansion to a second weekend. Today the committee has grown to twelve men and attendees come not only from the Greater Baltimore Area but from other parts of Maryland and several nearby states.

At the end of this weekend, if you find that your time here has been a worthwhile experience, we encourage you to share the message with others so they may join with us in the "Fellowship of the Spirit". "May God bless you and keep you - until then."

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