The Amos Report

    Many of us are familiar with the events following the “counting of noses” which took place in Akron during the second week of October 1937. 1

    Bill was introduced to Willard Richardson, one of John D. Rockefeller’s closest associates, by his brother-in-law Dr. Leonard Strong. After several meetings with Rockefeller’s advisors, Frank Amos made a visit to Akron in mid February of 1938 to get a first hand look at Dr. Bob and the group of recovered drunks. His account of that visit, which was titled “THE NOTES ON AKRON, OHIO SURVEY by FRANK AMOS” is well documented in Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers2 and to a lesser extent in Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age3 and Pass It On.4

    The account of Amos’s Akron visit given in Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers, as well as the other publications, omits one very important detail, that a list of the early Akron members was attached to The Amos Report.   The likely reason for this key omission is because the list was not attached or included with The Amos Report filed in the GSO archives. A copy of this list, which was written by Dr. Bob on his office stationary, has recently been found, authenticated, and has been provided to the Archivist at GSO.

    This list of the pioneering Akron members, which we have dubbed “The Amos Roster”, is described below in an excerpt from a copy of The Amos Report.5  It may prove to be the first written list of members ever produced by one of our co-founders.

Alcoholic Group
    There are now some fifty men, and, I believe, two women former alcoholics, all considered practically incurable by physicians, who have been reformed and so far have remained teetotalers. A list of some of them is attached giving their business, the length in months they have been “dry”, the period in years they were drinking, and their present age.

    We expect this list will be of great interest to A.A. historians and we hope and pray it may shed light on many details regarding the early Akron Fellowship.
                                                                                                                                    Just Another Layman
                                                                                                                                                      The Golden Road of Devotion


1. Chapter IV, The Golden Road of Devotion
2. DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, pages 128-134
3. Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age, pages 148-150
4. Pass It On, pages 181-187
5. 2/23/1938 (B)

The Amos Roster - February 1938



Length Time
In Dry Months

Length Drinking
Experience In Years


Walter Bray Rubber Worker 30 15 44
Alvin Borden Accountant 14 15 50
Frank Curtis Warehouse Manager 13 25 52
Joe Doppler Upholsterer 15 25 59
William Dotson Attorney 32 30 48
George Dovsner Hospital Attendant 2 10 42
Robert Evans Banker 16 8 34
Ernest Galbraith Truck Driver 31 14 33
Harold Grisinger Pensioned AT&T Co. 25 10 40
Wallace Gillam Mechanical Engineer 10 20 40
J D Holmes Newspaper 10 18 4x
Frank Hadrick Rubber Worker 3 8 3x
John Hughes Rubber Worker 4 8 3x
Wade Hadsell Teacher 2 6 36
William Jones Salesman 8 12 3x
Fred Johnson Salesman 2 1/2 8 4x
Frank Krumrine Salesman 6 8 4x
Tom Lucas Sheet Metal 17 6 3x
Harry Latta Test Car Driver 19 10 3x
Ed Naher Merchant 5 7 3x
Irv Nelson Attorney 6 12 3x
Robert Oviatt Salesman 14 15 39
Chester Parke Farmer 8 8 37
Lawrence Patton Bank Teller 8 14 36
Henry Pearce Rubber Worker 3 7 33
Carl Reinhert Policeman 1 1/2 6 33
Howard Searl MD 6 18 40
Charles Simonson Machinist 6 12 39
Al Smith Foreman 14 20 46
Phil Smith Insurance 29 18 47
Robert Smith MD 33 35 58
Harlan Spencer Auto Salesman 10 10 46
Richard Stanley Foreman 11 18 42
Paul Stanley Insurance 19 10 40
Jane Sturdevant Housewife 12 12 40
Joe Schaffer Electrician 3 8 32
Harold Schitz Brick Layer 2 6 30
Edith Scott Waitress 1 1/2 25 38
Lloyd Tate Painter 8 15 50
Earl Treat Inventor 7 10 38
Norman Tritt Rubber Worker 1 20 50
Thurmon Trough Rubber Worker 1 10 31
William Van Horn Salesman 7 20 40

This list of names is a computer generated reproduction of Dr. Bob's hand written list which was done on his office stationary. The header on this document is ours and is not found on the original.  (x denotes number cut off in copy.)

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