Lesser Known Alcoholics Anonymous Effective in a Broader Way

04 Jul 2012

Mumbai: Defence is one of the innate characteristic that human body has been using since times immemorial. People tend to escape as soon as they sense a trouble. But why this escape mechanism does fail in case of alcohol addiction?

Alcohol has always been a troublemaking beverage, we know it yet why is it that we can't quit it, in spite of continuous conscience calls? No wonder it has the capability to capture your brain and enslave you for the rest of your life.

Actor Aamir Khan's TV show Satyamev Jayate, talked about the foundation 'Alcoholics Anonymous' (AA), which has helped many people get rid of their alcohol addiction. AA was not a popular concept in India before its mention on the show. But now since people know about it, AA's website went down because of exceptional traffic. In a way it is a good sign that there are so many people out there who desire to quit drinking.

AA is an association for people who are going through alcohol addiction. It was established in 1935 and works on the principal of character and spiritual maturity. AA members share their experiences and assist people in fighting their obsession. The organisation aims at inducing a factor in individuals that they need to satisfy life sans alcohol. The remedial programme is openly talked about and any one can follow it. The aid members are sometimes asked to hold meetings and handover information on drinking hazards as a part of ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Project) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).

India has more than 30,000 AA members are a part of it and about 1,100 active groups are working for it. The number does sound big, but it is very low compared to the number of alcoholics in the country. The best part of the programme is that it is free of cost, so it is not restricted to a particular section of the society.

Parda Phrash, Delhi India

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