The Sun Comes Out In San Antonio for AA's 13th World Convention

July 4, 2010

By Mark Urso

Over 50,000 members of Alcoholics Anonymous traveled from all corners of the globe this weekend to successfully stage the largest convention ever held in San Antonio, Texas. While rain, haze and overcast skies set the stage for the first day of the event, Friday, fallout from hurricane Alex, the sun shone Saturday afternoon, and convention-goers crowded the many restaurants along the city's famous "Riverwalk."

While "AA" doesn't keep detailed records of its membership, press information posted at the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services website ( shows a count of more than a million members in the US and Canada, and over two million worldwide. One attendee representing ReXark Archival Recordings reports that 90 countries carried flags in the opening ceremonies Friday evening, including Iran, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.

ReXark's Mark U. met attendees from Denmark, Holland, Mexico, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Japan and Ireland, along with members from all across the US and Canada.

Hotels throughout the region were completely booked, according to Barb Machado, executive director of the San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association, who said everything was filled up within 60 miles around San Antonio. The world convention, which is traditionally held once every five years by AA World Services, is being described as the largest single event San Antonio has ever hosted.

The Fourth of July weekend event is the 13th World Convention for Alcoholics Anonymous, and also marks the organization's 75th anniversary.

San Francisco Examiner

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