Alcoholics Anonymous gives a helping hand

04 March 2013

By Vivek Punj

Philip’s days were passing more comfortably than expected. He had a good position in a company with a handsome salary, he was married to the woman he loved and had ‘friends’ around him round-the-clock. But then alcohol came into his life and turned all of this to ashes.

He lost all hope after surrendering everything to alcohol that he held dear, his job, family and friends. And that is when he came to know about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Soon he was free from the clutches of alcoholism.

With his addiction in the wind, Philip’s life was back on track. He got a job as a sales representative at an outlet of solar equipments and his family came back to him. Currently, he is working as sales manager for a renowned solar equipments manufacturer.

“Alcoholism can be cured with willpower and it can only come from within. Medication alone cannot cure alcoholism unless the alcoholic himself has the will to give up his addiction. Here at AA, when people learn from a chronic alcoholic how he overcame his vice, they too get motivated to give up the addiction,” Philip said.

Rajiv, a banker, is a new to the group but is satisfied with the way they work.

He said, “The biggest problem an alcoholic faces is rejection from society. But when we come to AA, we know there are people who will listen and understand our problems. We can discuss our problems here without hesitation which is difficult with any other group.”

Not the alcoholic alone, but his or her family members also play a crucial role in getting rid of the addiction. So to guide the female family members of alcoholics how to handle the situation, a group named Al-Anon was formed.

“We instruct the wives of a drunkard how to handle them when they come home drunk. Like AA, we also share our experiences with each other and learn from them. But we do not share our proceedings with our husbands, nor they do with us,” stated Philip’s wife Sandhya.

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