Dr. Bob attended St. Johnsbury, Vermont Summer Street elementary school (D 12)


Dr. Bob employed by Fairbanks Morse, St. Johnsbury scales manufacturing company (D 24)


Bill 10 or 11 went live grandparents  (P 25)


Dr. Bob's internship City Hospital, no problem with drinking; Bill said happiest time life (D 27) (W 143)


Dr. Bob's office National Bank Building Akron (D 28)


school year, Bill went live with mother & sister Dorothy. Arlington, Massachusetts (P 40)

fall/winter: Bill attended special courses Arlington High prepare Massachusetts Institute Technology (B 72)


period depression Bill following childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford's death (P 36)


Bill pursued dreams wealth; Late, Dr. Bob went quite often St. Thomas Hospital (C 4) (D 45)

1920's late

Dr. Bob going often St. Thomas Hospital; Wilson's enjoyed affluence (D 45) (P 77)


Bill's success securities analyst marred worsening drinking problem (P 407)


Sister Ignatia worked with alcoholics Akron (S 25)


early: Sister Ignatia secretly hospitalizing isolated cases alcoholics; double standards men & women alcoholics (S 118,124)

early: Joe Hirshhorn financier hired Bill analyze & evaluate companies (G 71)


Bill's drinking prevents financial comeback after 1929 crash (C 4) (P 407)


Bill admitted Charles B. Towns Hospital 4 times, Bill's memories totally disordered (B 191-193) (C 4) (N 14) (W 150)

1930's late, Dr. Bob talks with Roland J. spiritualist (D 311)

1934 December-1935 May

Bill works alcoholics fails sober any up (A vii)

1934 late-1937

Wilson's attended Oxford Group meetings Calvary church, attended house parties (P 168)

1935 on

Hank & Fitz joined Wilson's Oxford Group meetings, Calvary church & number Oxford Group house parties (P 168)


period concerned learning get sober, creating text book & publishing business office & board trustees guidance (G 85)


last time Bill serious effort reestablish himself securities field (P 175)


Ruth Hock Bill's secretary (E 20) (G 111)


Alcoholic Board operated without support a Conference (TC 37)


Bill & Lois moved 51 times not counting weekend stops; winter 1939 & spring 1940 Bill & Lois stay with Bob & Mag (A 179) (L 126)


Ebby familiar visitor 415 Lexington A.A. office; Bill wrote memos Code Tradition & Code Headquarters & Code Grapevine; Bill pushing hard A.A. self-government through general service conference, visited groups get
support; St. Thomas & Knickerbocker Hospitals pioneered best techniques combined medicine & A.A. worked out (G 9,13) (MS 16)

early: wife's A.A. prospects interviewed to this time; A.A. Canada started; Lillian R. popular singer went public (D 109) (G 9,46)

middle: number black alcoholics found sobriety; Aunt Jenny radio soap, opera involving alcoholic family member; U.S. groups proliferating rapidly & starting abroad; radio discovered A.A., call in radio show Ask
An Alcoholic; Wilson's traveled among groups U.S. & Canada, movie Lost Weekend out portrayed alcoholic 1st time not Bowery bum successful middle-class businessperson reduced Bowery bum (G 8) (N 120) (P 317)

late: Bill stumped U.S. & Canada explaining, cajoling need for Fellowship continuity after he & Dr. Bob gone (G 51)

1940's Mid Sue adopted age 5; Peg S. joined A.A. (D 35)


Bill in groups getting know A.A., making himself available individuals, talking, listening, counseling, sharing, giving himself, nurture Fellowship; received as messiah (P 267-268)

1941-April 1961

Leonard V. Harrison board trustee except 5 year hiatus 1956-1961 chairman (G 74)


Bruce M. met Dr. Bob, sober 1945 (D 276)

1943 late-1944 early

Bill & Lois visited groups West, South (L 143)


2 week gathering Minnesota, attendance invitation only usually those considered founders Midwest groups (D 299)


Bill depressed (P 293,303)


worst years Bill's 11 year depression (P 293,295)


most turbulent, exciting time history A.A.; Bill's depression particularly troublesome (G 11,53)


Bill focused building service structure (P 336)


film star broke her anonymity (P 308)


Bill selling Traditions (P 324)


Nell Wing worked General Service Office March 3 1947-1982, secretary-receptionist, secretary A.A. World Services Inc Board, General Service Conference duties, publications editor, archivist 10 years (G ix)


Duke University center experiments precognition, researchers assembled extensive records extrasensory perception; General Service began; Bill relinquished overall guidance & leadership groups; put service structure
into place & learning how service; Frank Shaw died (G 57,90) (L 74

early: Jack Alexander member Board Trustees (G 73)

late: Bill took LSD under supervision friend Gerald Heard (G 54)


years leading up to debate desirability some sort advisory board (MS 17)


Nell Wing Bill's secretary (W 182)


12 & 12 written, 1st published 2 editions, 1 distribution A.A. groups, 2nd costing $.50 more intended sale bookstores & distributed through Harper & Brothers (P 352,355-356)


A.A. groups increases 5,927 to 13,279, overseas groups 20% A.A. population (A x)


Nell Wing worked alone most time, Bill visited weekly (G 16)


Leonard V. Harrison chairman board (G 74)


Dr. Harry Tiebout General Service Board Class Trustee (G 67)


Al S. director A.A. Grapevine Inc & trustee General Service Board (G 89)


early: Bill reacquainted Joe Hirshhorn, brilliant financier, employed Bill during early 1930's no 1 else would; Bill became involved new idea converting heat into electricity; U.S. military instituted alcoholism & drug abuse programs; New York annual Bill's Birthday Dinners, Harold Hughes Senate Hearings alcoholism Bill involved; A.A. membership spread worldwide; 1st triannual A.A. membership survey 1960's; General Service Conference changed provide 2/3 A.A. members 1/3 nonalcoholics & adopted 12 Concepts World Service; pamphlet 12 Concepts World Service published; Bill retired active participation; critical A.A. article Arthur Cain Harper's magazine & Saturday Evening Post; Dr. Humphrey Osmond & Dr. Abram Hoffer reported some success treating depression vitamin B-3 niacin, Bill tried, put out 3 papers; A.A. headquarters took entire 14th floor old building East 45th Street; Bill wrote Dr. Carl Jung (B 361-362) (G 20,44-54,90) (L 159) (N 137, 304) (P 274,379-380)

late: emphysema curtailing Bill's activities (G 27)


rapid overseas growth (A x)


Hughes Bill resulted federal money alcoholism prevention & treatment, brought large numbers treatment graduates A.A.; Dr. Norris others invited speak overseas professional meetings; better understanding General Service Office; Rand Report suggested A.A.'s emphasis abstinence inaccurate-some alcoholics could drink; special groups young people, women, nonsmokers, elderly, doctors, lawyers, airline pilots [Birds Feather], gays; scores programs using 12 Steps formed end: Big Book selling millions copies (G 92-93)

1970's middle

Sheila T. joined Nell Wing & Harriet G. help archives (G 126)


Nell Wing General Service office archivist (W 182)


Michael Alexander A.A. Trustee (G 140)

1980's middle

A.A. found way Soviet Union (E 54)


Bill's great-uncle killed Battle Wilderness  (P 54)


William C. Wilson married Helen Barrows, Bill's grandparents (W 136)


Bill's parents Gilman & Emily Griffith Wilson born (B 12)


June 4: Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman born (W 114)


August 8:  Dr. Bob born (C 2) (D 9) (N 29)


summer: Dr. Bob's 1st drink, jug hard cider, turning 9  (D 13)


January 2: Sister Ignatia born, Ballyhane Ireland (S 42)


Dr. Bob entered St. Johnsbury Academy, Calvin Coolidge 30th president attended; Bill's parents married; Clarence Griffin, Gardner Fayette Griffith's only son died Colorado (D 15) (P 13,28)

September: Gilly Wilson married Emily Griffin, Bill's parents (B 15) (W 137)

December: Clarence, Fayette Wilson's son died Colorado (B 33)


Dr. Bob entered St. Johnsbury Academy, Calvin Coolidge 30th President attended (D 15)


November 26: Bill born East Dorset Vermont, small room behind bar (B 15) (C 4) (N 10) (P 407) (W 138)


Dr. Bob graduated St. Johnsbury Academy entered Dartmouth College; Dorothy Brewster Wilson, Bill's sister born (C 2) (D 348) (P 15)


Varieties Religious Experience published, William James wrote; Dr. Bob graduated Dartmouth College; E. B. Watson class president Dartmouth Dr. Bob's class (C 2) (D 348) (N 30) (W 172)


Bills family moves Rutland, Vermont, fathers work (P 20)


Dr. Bob worked short time Filene's department store (D 25)


Bill's father deserts family, Bill & sister went live grandparents (B 19) (N 10) (W 139)

autumn: Bill's father left family, Bill didn't see again until summer 1914 (B 11,17)

fall: Dr. Bob entered University Michigan pre-medical student, age 26 (C 2) (D 25) (N 30)


Bill's parents, Emily & Gilman Wilson Bill & sister Emily & mother move back East Dorset from Rutland Vermont (P 25,407)


spring: Dr. Bob tries geographic cure on farm year (D 26)

summer: Bill's grandfather says only Australians make boomerang (A 53) (B 30) (L 20)

fall: Dr. Bob forced leave University Michigan drinking went to Rush University near Chicago (C 2) (D 26) (N 30)


seed Oxford Group planted in Frank Buchman, native Allentown Pennsylvania, had remarkable spiritual transformation, been running home orphan boys Philadelphia, resigned bitter dispute trustees, sailed England, drifted religious conference Keswick, Salvation Member's inspiring sermon profound effect, made amends former trustees brought great relief & joy, shared this, began see personal spiritual change way healing world; Dr. Frank Buchman & Dr. Sam Shoemaker met China; 1st Century Christian Fellowship started, later became Oxford Group (N 9) (W 141)

spring or early summer: Bill met closet friend, Mark Whalon (B 43) (W 141)

February: Bill made boomerang, that night grandfather gave Bill Clarence's violin (A 53) (B 36-37)


Bill's grandparents decide send Bill age 14 Burr & Burton Academy; National Rubber Machinery Company founded Akron, Akron Rubber Mold & Machine Company reorganized 1928 (N 12) (P 134) (W 142)

late spring: application accepted Bill enroll Burr & Burton (B 52)

fall: Bill started secondary education Burr & Burton Academy (C 4) (N 12)


Dr. Bob receives medical degree Rush University age 31, received highly coveted 2 year internship City Hospital (C 2) (D 27) (N 30)


summer: 1st time Bill saw father since Autumn 1905 when left family (B 11)


Dr. Bob age 33 started medical practice 2nd National Bank Building Akron until 1948; Lois graduated Packer Institute Brooklyn (D 28,348) (L 12)

Summer-early fall: 1 happiest, most ecstatic periods Bill's life (P 35)

November 18:  Bill's childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford died  (N 12) (P 35)

November 19: Bill learned schools chaplain from Burr & Burton principal, childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford died  (N 12) (P 35)


summer: Bill's grandfather took him Pennsylvania 50 anniversary Gettysburg; Bill, mother, sister camped Emerald Lake (B 68) (L 13,15)


early: Judge Smith dispatched doctor St. Johnsbury instructions bring Dr. Bob St.Johnsbury, stayed 2 months (D 28-29)

summer: Bill & Lois meet (B 82)

midsummer: Europe verge war (P 42)

August: Bill sees father 1st time 8 years, British Columbia (B 72) (P 42)

September: Bill age 19 enters Norwich University military college, freshman (B 67) (P 43) (W 144)


January 25: Dr. Bob & Annie marry 17 years after meeting (D 16,29,348)

Dr. Bob & Anne Ripley married; T. Henry Williams came Akron  (C 2) (P 140,145)

summer: Bill peddling kerosene lamp burners, Lois opened small tea arbor north end Emerald Lake, Bill & Lois Burnham engaged kept secret except Bill's friend Mark Whalon (B 82) (L 14) (P 48-49) (W 145)

September 11: Bill & Lois engaged (B 87)


Bill suspended Norwich College due participation hazing situation; U.S. troops under General Pershing sent Mexico vain attempt capture Pancho Villa, Norwich University cadets part Vermont National Guard so mobilized; Bill's 1/2 sister born (B 96) (L 18) (P 49,80) (W 145)

February: hazing incident Norwich University, Bill onlooker, Bill & sophomore class suspended (B 96)

June early: Bill & sophomore class reinstated from February hazing suspension, sent Fort Ethan Allen part expedition against Mexican Pancho Villa (B 96) (P 49) (W 145)


January: Lois taught aunts Marion's school (L 12)

April 6: U.S. entered WWI (W 145)

Bill passes Army's physical examination, Bill called up; takes 1st drink Bronx cocktail at Grinnells', never graduates Norwich University (B 112) (C 4) (N 13) (P 46,54,56,407)

summer: Bill completed training Fort Monroe Virginia, became 2nd lieutenant Army Artillery, 1st assignment Fort Rodman Massachusetts (W 145)


18th Amendment passed [Prohibition]; Dr. Bob's father died; Bill stationed Fort Adams, last stop before embarkation (B 112) (D 10,30)

early: U.S. fully at war (P 56)

summer: Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman saw 1st house party Calling China, became Oxford Group technique (W 117)

January: Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman Samuel M. Shoemaker meet Peking; Lois left Aunt Marian's school (L 22) (W 118)

January 24: Bill & Lois married Swedenborgian Church Brooklyn (B 111) (P 58,407) (W 146)

February 1: original wedding date Bill & Lois, changed January 24 due war (B 111) (P 58)

February 15: daughter Suzanne Smith Windows born (C 11)

June 5: Dr. Bob's son Robert Ripley Smith born (C 2) (P 140)

July: thought Lois pregnant, not (B 114)

July 17: last night Bill & Lois together before Bill sailed overseas (B 113)

July 18: Bill sailed from Boston on Lancashire with 66th C.A.C. 5 months left WWI

July 20: Bill's 1st drink brandy board ship Lancashire (B 113,115) (W 146)

November 18: WWI ended (B 121) (W 146)


March: Bill sailed Bordeaux board S.S. Powhatan to New York harbor (B 121,122)

May: Bill discharged Army Camp Devens, Wilson's settle Brooklyn (B 121) (L 27) (P 62,407) (W 147)


January 17: 18th Amendment law (P 67,122)

February: Lois working Red Cross occupational therapy aid Brooklyn Naval Hospital; Bill & Lois move 1 room apartment State Street (L 31)


Frank Buchman Pennsylvanian Lutheran minister started Oxford Group after spiritual experience traveling Scotland; Bill's grandmother Ella Brock died; Bill took Thomas Edison's employment test, passed declined work; 1st exposure Wall Street investigative work United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company; Lois 1st series miscarriages;  Bill & Lois move apartment Amity Street (B 135-137,139) (C 3) (L 34) (P 28,70)

February: Lois got another job Bellevue Hospital until September 1922 (L 34)


Bill & Lois move apartment Amity Street; Ebby's family business failed (B 138) (P 67,83)

July: Lois 2nd ectopic pregnancy (B 142-143) (L 34) (W 147)


Smith's adopt Suzanne Smith, age 5 same age son (C 2,11) 

May: Lois's 3rd ectopic pregnancy, Bill often too drunk visit hospital (L 34)

Christmas: Bill vowed stay sober 1 year, lasted 2 months (B 141) (W 148)


Bill's substitute father, grandfather Gardner Fayette Griffith died; Bill finished law school (L 31) (P 70)
February: Bill vowed no more drinking (B 141)


April: Wilson's start motorcycle trip 3-wheeler Harley-Davidson (B 148) (L 36-37) (P 69)

June 17: Lois's sister Kitty married (L 60) (P 75)


Spring: Kitty Burnham married; Bill's drinking discussed business conferences Frank Shaw (B 156)

June: fortune threw money applause Bill's way (P 75)


summer: Bill & Lois on-site investigation Cuban Sugar; rented expensive 3 room apartment 38 Livingston Street New York not big enough rented 1 beside make larger (L 71) (P 79-80)

end: Bill very depressed, signed Lois all rights, titles & interest (L 72) (P 82)


Dr. Bob met Sister Mary Ignatia St. Thomas Hospital; Bill, star among Wall Street associates; 1st Century Christian Fellowship renamed Oxford Group; Bill & Lois move new apartment Livingston Street, knocked down walls make bigger; Bill's brother-in-law Dr. Leonard Strong gave Bill physical examination, confronted Bill drinking (B 159-160) (D 45) (P 81,130) (S 9) (W 120,148)

October 20: Bill wrote promise family Bible quit drinking (P 81)


Bill broke friend & benefactor Frank Shaw; Dr. Silkworth loses life's savings; Bill, Ebby, pilot charted airplane flew into new airfield Manchester Vermont, delegation met them, they drunk (B 203) (H 367) (L 79) (P 77,85,101,175)

early: 1st time Bill & Ebby drank together (P 83)

January: Bill wrote promise family Bible quit drinking (P 81)

May: Dr. Bob surgeon proctologist (C 105)

October: stock market crash, Bill $60,000 debt (B 168) (N 14) (W 148)

December: Bill & Lois move Canada work friend Dick Johnson (L 81) (P 86)


Bill & Lois move Canada, small apartment Gerald Street, job, Bill's friend Canadian Dick Johnson let him go due drinking; Wilson's taken in Lois's parents; Dr. Silkworth arrives Towns Hospital; Rowland Hazard visited Carl Jung (B 169,231) (H 277) (N 8) (P 86-87) (W 149)

early fall: firm Greenshields & Company Canada let Bill due drinking (B 170) (L 81)

May: Bill & Lois moved handsome, expense apartment Cotes des Neiges;

Bill started nipping morning (B 169-170)

September: Bill wrote promise family Bible quit drinking (P 86)

December 25: Bill returned Canada, mother-in-law died Bill to drunk attend funeral (B 172) (L 82) (P 87) (W 149)


Bill enters helpless drinking phase; wife job Macy's Department Store; Rowland H. joins Oxford Group (P 128)

May: Lois start work R.H. Macy (B 174) (P 90)


Anne Smith began attending Oxford Group meetings with friend Henrietta Seiberling; received guidance have special Oxford Group meeting Dr. Bob's drinking (C 2-3) (E 10)

late: called Henrietta Seiberling reference Dr. Bob's drinking (N 31)

April 8: Bill, Author Wheeler, Frank Winans formed long-term speculative syndicate based on Bill not taking even 1 drink (B 180-181) (P 90-92)

May middle: Bound Brook New Jersey small hotel, Bill drank Jersey Lighting applejack, learned never was, would be just 1 drink, blew deal long-term speculative syndicate Arthur Wheeler, Frank Winans, Bill now drank simply escape & block from mind what he did (A 56) (B 182-184) (L 83)


Bill & Joe Hirshhorn break due Bill's drinking; Bill's last chance WallStreet; Lois takes 3 month leave absence Macy's; Dr. Bob started attending Oxford Group; President Roosevelt declared mortgage moratorium, allowed people stay houses even couldn't make payments; Dr. Bob began going Oxford Group meetings cope with alcoholism; Bill renewed childhood past time reading (C 29,114) (D 348) (P 98) (W 150)

early: beer legal, Dr. Bob tried beer experiment (D 42,53)

autumn: Bill enters Towns Hospital 1st time; oblivion drinking (P 93,100,407)

May: Lois's father remarried, Joan Jones, (L 84)

December 5: Prohibition ended (P 122) (W 150)


Dr. Bob appointed courtesy staff St. Thomas Hospital Akron; Dr. Thomas Scuderi young intern medical director Ignatia Hall, alcoholic ward St.Thomas Hospital; Sister Ignatia & Dr. Scuderi secretly treated A.A. #3 lawyer (D 45,51) (N 79) (S 8,11)

summer: Dr. Silkworth pronounces Bill hopeless alcoholic (A vii)

early fall: Lois working drapery department Loesser's Brooklyn (B 196)

March: Lois quit job Macy's, didn't want ask another leave absence (L 85) (P 105)

May: Lois's father remarries (P 98)

July: Ebby trying complete paint job, told arrested again drunkenness 6 months Windsor Prison (P 113)

August: Rowland H. & Cebra G. from Oxford Group intervene with judge, sober up Ebby (A vii) (N 9)

September: Bill back Town's hospital, 3rd time (L 87) (P 108)

November: Ebby phoned Bill, asked to stop by haven't seen each other 1 year, Ebby sober, 2 nights later Ebby & Bill sat together Bill's Kitchen 182 Clinton Street, Ebby told about himself & Oxford Group, got Bill meeting Old Calvary Church group New York; Bill went 1st time Sam Shoemaker Calvary Church Mission (A 58,62) (B 202-203) (C 4) (H 367) (L 197) (N 18) (P 111) (W 196)

November 11: Armistice Day; Bill started drinking after dry spell, beginning Bill's last drunk (A vii,57) (B 198) (L 87) (P 109)

November, around 26th: Ebby visited Bill (A 58,62) (W 151)

December: Bill investigates Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street, New York Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated; Howard Tompkins Beer & Company sent Bill glowing letter encouragement concerning sobriety (L 94) (N 18) (P 116,133)

December 11: Bill's last drink 4 beers, month to day since started, entered Towns Hospital 4th time year, received then-current Towns treatment [barbiturates sedate & belladonna reducing stomach acids], has spiritual experience 39 years old, released obsession drink (A vii) (H 197) (L 197) (P 16,120-121,123,407) (W 152,162)

December 13 or 14: Ebby visited Bill hospital, explained Oxford Group principles, brought William James's book, Varieties Religious Experience, Ebby didn't read, Oxford Group members recommended (H 197,279,298) (N 20) (P 120,124) (W 152) 

December 18: Bill discharged 4th last hospitalization Towns Hospital 2:30PM; Bill & Lois start attending Oxford Group meetings Calvary House adjacent Calvary Episcopal Church, Dr. Sam Shoemaker rector; leading Oxford Group figure (P 104,127,407) (W 155)


Dr. Bob confessed drinking problem Oxford Group before meeting Bill (S 18)

early: Bill preached Oxford Group message, no 1 sobered up (B 233) (P 131-132)

spring: T. Henry Williams lost chief engineer job National Rubber Machine Company (L 104)

fall: Bill & Lois began weekly meetings Tuesday nights 182 Clinton Street; 2nd A.A. group formed New York (A 10) (P 162)

autumn: Dr. Bob's daughter met Ernie W. Galbraith (C 11)

near end: alcoholics living Calvary Mission instructed not attend meetings Clinton Street (P 169)

end: A.A. had 5 members (A 310)

April: Dr. Silkworth told Bill quit preaching at drunks religion usually fills them guilt or rebellion & said tell them obsession & allergy; Bill returned Wall Street April 1935, got involved proxy fight control small machine-tool factory Akron (A 65) (B 233-234) (N 26-27)

May 10: business deal brought Bill Akron, attend annual stockholders meeting small machine-tool factory, lost proxy fight; called Dr. Walter Tunks Episcopalian minister from Mayflower Hotel get drunk talk with, talked Henrietta Seiberling put him touch Dr. Bob (A 66) (B 235-236) (C 4,5) (G 69) (H 355) (L 95,197) (N 26-27) (W

May 11: Dr. Tunks gives Bill Henrietta Seiberling phone, she received call from Bill (D 60,64) (L 95) (N 27)

May 12: Bill & Dr. Bob meet (A vii) (C 4-5) (D 348) (L 197) (N 35) (P 407) (S 18)

June: Bill 1st overnight Smiths A.A. guest (S 114)

 June 1st week: American Medical Association Convention, Dr. Bob not missed 1 20 years (D 72) (N 32)

June 10: Dr. Bob's last drink, beer; A.A. born 855 Ardmore Avenue; celebrated Founder's Day Akron (A vii,10,71) (B 243) (C 5,40-41,124) (D 348) (E 13) (G 83) (H 199,357) (L 96,197) (N 33) (P 149,407) (W 156-157)

June 28: A.A. #3, attorney; his wife & Dr. Bob's wife met; Bill & Dr. Bob meet Bill D. (C 42) (N 37) (S 117)

June 29: Lois goes Akron, spends week with Smiths (L 197)

June late: Dr. Bob calls Akron City Hospital looking drunk him & Bill work on (P 152)

July: Lois came Akron 2 week visit (B 249)

July 4: Bill D., A.A. #3 left hospital (P 154)

August end: 4 A.A.'s, 5 counting Phil S. Bill returned New York from Akron (B 249) (D 108)

late August or early September: Phil S., A.A. #5 came in  (D 95)

November 19: Ebby stays 182 Clinton Street (L 197)

December: Bill attended 1st Oxford Group house party Richmond Virginia (L 103)


Charlie Towns owner Towns Hospital offered Bill job lay therapist, Bill told group thus 1 A.A.'s 1st group consciences derived; Ebby slipped after 2 years 7 months drank heavy long time later; Bill's mother 2nd husband died; Groups oldest Dr. Bob, said, What would the Master do? when group deciding let victim another addiction join; Ruth Hock came work Bill & Hank P., office 17 William Street Newark (A 100-101,115,159) (D 240) (E 20) (G 82) (L 107,197) (N 63-64) (P

early: Dr. Bob's wife organized wives group (C 43,132) (S 118)

middle: small & solid A.A. group developing Bill's house (B 252)

Fall: Bill & Hank form small company Sharing Inc raise money Honor Dealers project (L 101)

end: A.A. had 15 members (A 310)

January: Paul S. early Akron A.A. meets Dr. Bob (D 111)

February 23: Bill persuaded Lois quit job Loeser's department store (L 104,197) (P 175)

April 26: Wilson's forced out 182 Clinton Street mortgage company sold it, in Burnham family 1/2 century, went Hank & wife's live; lived vagabonds next 2 years, 1st 1 A.A. family, then another, around 50 families (P 213-214)

April 26 soon after: Sunday meeting held Hank's & Kathleen's (P 216)

March: A.A. had 10 members (A 302)

June: Oxford Group height 10,000 people flocked Berkshires, attend Stockbridge Massachusetts meeting, 10 day affair; Bill & Lois attend Oxford Group house party Stockbridge; Bill's mother 2nd husband died (L 103,106) (P 170)

August: New York World Telegram published article Dr. Frank Buchman charging pro-Nazi, vindicated (P 170-171)

September: J.H.D. joined A.A.; Lois's father Dr. Burnham died (D 111) (P 175)

October: Bill C. young Canadian alkie, former attorney, compulsive gambler, stayed Bill's house nearly year, committed suicide, gas stove (B 263,265) (P 165)

November: Alumni Magazine included short note reference Dr. Bob's making class reunions (D 22)

November 18: Ebby came live Wilson's (W 157)

December: Bill met Charlie Towns & associate Dr. Alexander Lambert, asked work Towns Hospital; Bill & Lois attend Oxford Group house party Poconos, Pennsylvania; 1st group conscience (A 100-101,115) (L 10,107,197) (N 63-64) (W 157-158)


Bill & New York alcoholics separate Oxford Group, more then 40 alcoholics staying sober; Dr. Silkworth wrote article Medical Record [Alcoholism Manifestation Allergy, Dr. Silkworth called Bill say had prospect, Fitz M. 1st, Hank P. 2nd; Akron & New York Groups authorized Dr. Bob & Bill create over-all services spread A.A. message world-wide; Dr. Anton Carlson with group scientists formed subsidiary body Research Council Problems Alcohol (A vii,74) (C 6) (G 82) (H 187) (P 102,407) (TC 10)

fall: Dr. Bob & Bill realize 40 alcoholics sober, wonder how to share message, thought of book (A 144) (H 10)

summer: Bill, Hank P., Fitz tried start A.A. Washington & Philadelphia, no luck (B 263)

fall: Bill's work Quaw & Foley collapsed economic troubles; visited brother-in-law Dr. Leonard Strong Jr. got interview with Willard --

Richardson connected Rockefeller philanthropies; prospects came Akron from Cleveland (A 148) (D 348) (H 142) (P 177,181)

end: A.A. had 40 members (A 310)

January: Bill & Lois attend Oxford Group house party West Point New York; Bill got job Quaw & Foley stockbrokers (L 103,107)

February: Dick S. tried get brother Paul in A.A. (D 111)

February: 12 A.A.'s 1/2 had & would slip, Bob E. joined A.A.  (D 101,108)

March: Bill & Lois start attending Oxford Group meetings (L 197)

May: Ebby drunk, dry since November 1936 (L 197) (W 157)

August: Bill others broke away Oxford Group (B 262) (L 103,197) (W 159)

September: Bill V.H. joined A.A., Akron (D 119)

October: group had 40 members Akron & New York, Dr. Leonard Strong introduces Bill Reverend Willard S. Richardson (L 197) (W 159)

November: Dr. Bob & Bill realized chain reaction begun; Akron A.A.'s agreed on book; 40 alcoholics sober New York & Ohio, least 20 dry longer 1 year, all diagnosed hopeless; special meeting T. Henry Williams house, 18 present voted 10 yes 8 no, raise money printed material & hospitals (A vii,76,145) (B 266,269-270) (D 348) (E 22-23) (H 142) (MS 9) (P 180)

December: Bill, Dr. Bob, Hank P., Fitz, Ned P., Dr. Silkworth met John D. Rockefeller's contingent Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, A. Leroy Chipman, Albert Scott 56th floor R.C.A. Building (A 148) (B 274) (H 142) (L 109) (MS 9)


Bill & Dr. Bob accumulating stories Big Book; Oxford Group renamed Moral Rearmament; A.A. had 50 men 2 women when Frank Amos investigated it; Alcoholics Foundation set up, now General Service Board, 5 members 3 John D. Rockefeller Jr's friends, advisory committee created, 8 members Bill & Dr. Strong on; Bill using name Alcoholics Anonymous letters & pamphlets; Ruth Hock typed original manuscript Big Book; Bill & Dr. Bob commenced work upon world service structure (A 149-150) (C 6) (D 126) (G 51,103,111) (H 106,126,168) (L 92) (N 9,48)
(P 130,187,407) (TC 6)

summer: 1st 2nd chapters Big Book written Multilithed immediately used scheme raise money (A 153) (E 23) (P 193,223) (S 121)

fall: Bill talked Lois quitting her job (B 288)

end: Big Book manuscript ready preliminary distribution, 400 copies were Multilithed circulated; Hank's business collapsed; office moved tiny 1 room 17 William Street Newark; A.A. had 100 members (A 159,310) (B 292) (L 198) (P 200)

February: Frank Amos investigated A.A. gave report John D. Rockefeller (D 129) (P 185)

February 4: Dick Richardson proposed Alcoholic Foundation be formed (L 197)

March or April: Bill drafted 1st 2 chapters Big Book (A 153) (E 16) (H 143) (L 110,197) (MS 10) (P 193)

April: Alcoholic Foundation formed, Dr. Leonard Strong, A. LeRoy Chipman, Frank Amos on it as trustees; Bill started dictating to Ruth Hock, the Big Book (B 277-278) (E 18) (H 106,126) N 67) (TC 11)

May: Big Book started; Alcoholic Foundation established trusteeship A.A.; 1st members 1st Board Dick Richardson, Frank Amos, Dr. Strong, Dr. Bob, New York A.A. who got drunk (A vii,152) (D 151) (L 111) (W 160)

June: 1st 2 chapters Big Book written (D 151) (H 143)

July 15: 1st documented use name Alcoholics Anonymous, A.A. archives letter Bill to Willard Richardson (P 202)

July 18: from letter Dr. Richards Johns Hopkins, Bill using Alcoholics Anonymous working title Big Book & name fellowship (P 202)

August 11: Alcoholic Foundation implemented, set up trust for A.A., board directors 5 members, 3 nonalcoholics Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, John Wood, 2 alcoholics Bill & Dr. Bob (E 18) (L 197) (N 67) (P 188,394)

September: Frank Amos suggested show Big Book friend Gene Exman editor religious books Harper & Brothers (B 279) (H 143) (N 68)

October: Bill believed name Alcoholics Anonymous appeared discussions this time  (A 165) (P 202)

December: Bill stretched out bed wrote 12 Steps (A vii) (B 282) (L 198)


Dr. Harry Tiebout chief psychiatrist Blythewood Sanitarium Connecticut began lifelong absorption thorough scientific investigation techniques and principles A.A.; Honor Dealers office 17 William Street Newark New Jersey Bill's major headquarters evicted; Dr. Silkworth wrote article Medical Record about alcoholism; Gabriel Heatter popular radio program [We People]; Honor Dealers evicted offices 17 Williams Street Newark New Jersey; Hank P. started drinking; Dr. Bob going St. Thomas Hospital looking prospects; Akron A.A.'s split Oxford Group; Jud O., Alex M. joined A.A. Akron; Archie T., nonalcoholic friend Sarah Klein helped start A.A. group Detroit; Rollie H. famous baseball player, 1 1st go public 1939, sports writer really responsible; Fulton Oursler editor Liberty magazine; Akron alcoholics parted Oxford Group; pioneered 1st alcoholism ward utilizing Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy Akron, modern treatment alcoholism began;, A.A. membership 100 (A vii,159,176) (B 303) (C 6,49) (D 146,182,230) (G 46,73,82) (H
145,369) (MS 11) (N 85,90,95) (P 193,201,207,220,228) (S 12,113)

early: Bill & Hank P. form Works Publishing Company publish Big Book (A 157) (G 79) (L 198)

spring: Ruth T. joined A.A. (D 242)

summer: Charles ("C.J.") K. & Eddie B. 12 stepped Duke P. Toledo, both state insane asylum Toledo voluntary commitments, read Big Book manuscript, got out (D 253)

fall: Bill tried get money for Dr. Bob Guggenheim Foundation (D 172) (G 80)

late fall: wife early Akron A.A. Ty, took Big Book Los Angeles  (D 177)

end: A.A. had 400 members (A 310)

January: Alcoholic Foundation board increased, 5 members to 7, nonalcoholics still majority (P 189)

January early: Morgan R. Catholic, ex-adman, came A.A. early January 1939 recently released Rockland asylum, had friend on Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese, commissioned deliver mimeograph copy Big Book committee (A 168) (B 286)

January middle: except few last details Big Book ready printers, sent mimeographed manuscript various doctors & ministers criticism (B 285)

March 1: Jonny R. joined A.A. (C 81)

April: Big book published, run 4,730 copies; Elgie R., John R. joined A.A.; 2 groups, no name A.A.; Hank P. planned have Morgan R. interviewed by Gabriel Heatter M.C. We the People fantastically popular radio show to sell books; sent 20,000 cards every physician east Mississippi reference Big Book (A viii,159,175) (B 288) (D 80,348) (E 25) (G 85) (H 145,388) (L 104,115) (MS 11) (P 203,407) (S 32) (W 160)

April 17: Abby G. early Cleveland A.A. entered hospital (D 202)

May 1: Bill & Lois had leave 182 Clinton Street, house sold (A 11,173) (B 288) (L 6,125)

May 11: 1st meeting Cleveland A.A. group [no Oxford Group connection] (D 164,348) (N 78)

May 16: A.A. meeting Bert's tailor shop 5th Avenue New York (L 198)

May end of: 1st alcoholic patient enters Deaconess Hospital Cleveland, bartender (D 201)

May 18: Clarence S. started 1st group Cleveland, 1st group called Alcoholics Anonymous Cleveland Heights home Abby G., 16 members (G 103) (N 78) (P 203) (S 32)

June 5: New York Times good review Big Book (H 145) (L 198) (P 223)

June 30: Harry Emerson Fosdick writes good review Big Book (A viii) (L 198)

July: Warren C. came A.A. Cleveland, caused debate not hospitalized, 12 stepped by Clarence S. (D 102) (N 236)

July 4: 1st meeting Harold S. Flatbush Brooklyn (L 198)

August: Dr. Bob wrote & may have signed article Faith magazine; Mag & Bob V. started Sunday meetings their house (D 175) (L 127)

August 1: 1st meeting Bert's larger tailoring work loft (L 198)

August 16: Dr. Bob persuaded Sister Ignatia admit Walter B. notorious alcoholic & regular consumer paregoric [over counter] opiate, Sister Ignatia labeled problem acute gastritis; some say this occurred August 18; put in Flower Room (D 348) (H 374) (S 14,16,79,122,146)

August 18: some say 1st alcoholic admitted St. Thomas Hospital, most believe August 16; special meeting Mag & Bob Montclair New Jersey 6 doctors present 2 Rockland State Hospital 2 Bellevue, Dr. Silkworth, A.A. doctor (L 198) (S 14)

September: Chicago group starting; Nell Wing learns A.A., Keuka College central New York State; Walter B. joined A.A.; Morris Markey article Alcoholics & God Liberty magazine brought 800 pieces mail; Cleveland Plain Dealer carried series articles center editorial page, 1 day for week, A.A. membership Cleveland from 12 over 100 in 1 month; Mort J. Denver resident, book convert (A viii,93,134,177-178) (B 291) (D 348) (G 5) (H 62,145,180,373) (N
83,90,102) (S 122)

September 30: article [Alcoholics & God] published Liberty magazine Morris Markey
(A 17,87,177-178) (D 175) (H 62,145,180) (MS 11) (N 90) October: 1st central committee 7 men 5 women Cleveland; 1st example A.A. rotation: A.A. articles Cleveland Plains Dealer (A 134) (D 202,348) (H 62) (N 83,88)

October 14: Journal American Medical Association published unsympathetic review Big Book (N 92)

November: 1st all A.A. group formed Cleveland; old Borton Group named after T.E. Borton wealthy Cleveland Heights nonalcoholic (D 169,209) (MS 11) (S 31,85)

November 26: Reverend Dr. Dilworth Lupton Cleveland preached sermon reprinted pamphlet form (N 85)

November-December: Akron A.A.'s broke from Oxford Group, began meeting Dr. Bob's house (A viii) (D 348)

December: Matt Talbot Club 88 members, used wagons collect old furniture to recondition & sell, not A.A., used A.A. program, material, marked 1st A.A. effort reach alcoholics outside married middle-class category; Dr. Russell Blaisdell head Rockland State Hospital asked Bill speak; 1st A.A. group mental hospital (A viii) (D 210) (G 73)

December 19: 1st home meeting Los Angeles Kaye M.'s house (A 92)


Father Ed Dowling wrote 1st Catholic recommendation A.A.; Bill selling wire rope; A.A. got building for meetings 334 1/2 24th Street called 24th Street Clubhouse; Fitz M. long loner Washington D.C. area joined Hardin C. & Bill A.; Paddy K. founded A.A. Boston; Sister Ignatia made hospitalization available alcoholics St. Vincent's Charity Hospital Akron took alcoholic patients single rooms; Akron Group starting meeting King School, Big Book done Braille, Norman Y. had done, never read it; Deaconess hospital took alcoholic patients single room; rainy night Bill & Father Edward Dowling, S.J. meet 24th Street clubhouse; Bill Dr. Bob royalties Big Book starting 1940; impressive A.A. growth; end 3,000 copies Big Book, 1,500 members coast, about 50 groups, 12-13 cities quite stable groups Akron, New York, Cleveland, Detroit, Greenwich Connecticut, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington D.C. Richmond Virginia, St. Louis; official office set up 30 Vesey Street Room 703 downtown Manhattan; membership about 2,000; book sales sole support A.A. office; stock ownership Works Publishing Inc turned over Board Trustees; Toronto minister Reverend George Little saw copy Big Book, gave to parishioner who sobered up; A.A.'s 1st club house 24th Street New York opened; Jimmy B. started A.A. Philadelphia home George S.; Dr. Haggard & Dr. Jellinek published Quarterly Journal Studies Alcohol (A 11,17,180,253) (D 202,220,249-250) (E 34-35) (G 24,66,79,86) (H
188,204,366) (L 122,128,171-172) (MS 12) (N 98) (P 222,238,257) (S 34)
(TC 11)

early: Dick P. 1st Spanish-speaking joined A.A.; no word John D. Rockefeller 3 years (B 294) (D 249)

late: 1st news bulletin Vesey Street headquarters issues groups, 1st pamphlet A.A. published called A.A., John D Rockefeller Jr. A.A. dinner, 1st A.A. clubhouse 24th Street, 1st A.A. oriented drying facility High Watch Farm Kent Connecticut, passing hat custom started, Father Edward Dowling S.J. & Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick 1st religious leaders endorse A.A. (G 86) (H 147)

winter: reporter Saturday Evening Post Jack Alexander assigned investigate & perhaps do A.A. story (A 190-191) (B 310) (H 148,181) (N 100)

end: A.A. had 2,000 members (A 310) (H 147)

January: Akron group found new home King School, started take collections rent, custodial expenses; most groups required hospitalization, being talked to least 5 A.A.'s or passed committee before new person join; Youngstown 2 couples visit prospective A.A. before could attend 1st meeting; John S. joined A.A.; definite working agreement Sister Ignatia superior Sister Clementine, Dr. Bob, probably Chief Staff St. Thomas Hospital (D 100,146,263,348) (S 85,87)

February: Grand Central Station Lois started weeping due not having home, started looking own place; Lorraine Greim Ruth Hock's assistant started work Newark office; Bill & Lois move Monsey apt small place Greenwich Village; Bert T. & Horace C. discover & guarantee rent building 334 1/2 West 24th Street, old Illustrators Club
(B 297,304) (L 128) (P 216)

February 8: John D. Rockefeller Jr. gives A.A. dinner, Manhattan's exclusive Union Club (A 87) (B 295) (E 15) (G 73) (H 145) (L 128,198) (P 232)

March: Mort J. early A.A., book convert, came Los Angeles from Denver & helped faltering group; started custom reading Chapter 5 Big Book Cecil group (A 93) (P 266,288)

March 16: Works Publishing moves offices Newark, 30 Vesey Street Room 703 lower Manhattan (A 187) (L 129,198) (P 235)

April 21: 1st rehabilitation home for alcoholics Joy Farm near Kent Connecticut
(L 122,199)

May: 1st anonymity break national level Rollie H. catcher Cleveland Indians just caught Bob Feller no-hitter, revealed been sober A.A. year, caused lot publicity (D 251) (N 85,95) (P 236)

June: 2nd A.A. meeting Baltimore (P 258)

June 30: Works Publishing Company incorporated (W 160)

September: 1st meeting Toledo A.A., Duke P., others started; Journal Nervous & Mental Diseases published most unsympathetic review Big Book (D 255) (N 92)

October 1: total A.A. membership 1,433, 30% + Cleveland, 47% Ohio (S 157)

November 4: Wilson's moved upstairs bedroom 334 1/2 24th Street 24th Street Clubhouse (H 366) (P 238)

November 2nd week: 3 groups Cleveland, 3rd week Orchard Grove Group started making 4  (D 209-210)

December: group started Ashtabula, Ohio due Plain Dealer articles A.A., Cleveland about 30 groups (A 134) (D 207,211) (H 62)


Wilson's buy & move home [Stepping Stones], rural area New York State; Ernie G. A.A. #4 marries Dr. Bob's daughter Sue; Bill looking work, early gives up; fellowship likened noisy robust infant, midst terrible 2's; Vi S. & husband Freddie S. Cleveland join A.A.; Serenity Prayer brought Ruth Hock's attention; 1st professional intervention Charity Hospital, Dr. Harry Nash complied with junior assistant Dr. Victor D. Ippolito operating room not operate; Alcoholics Anonymous established American institution; started year 2,000 members end 8,000 due Saturday Evening Post Article Jack Alexander article; groups began send contributions Alcoholic Foundation (A 87,94,134,196) (B 312,315) (D 91,245) (G 37,111,133) (H 1,148,181)
(MS 14) (N 101) (P 154,222,264,265) (S 163) (TC 11)

early: began evident co-founders ultimate responsibility & authority services should never be wholly vested Board Trustees (TC 12)

spring: Bill & Lois move Stepping Stones New Bedford after 23 years marriage; 2,000 members (A 190) (B 317) (L 133)

fall: Doc Smith Day planned Clarence S. other Cleveland A.A.'s (D 265)

end: membership from 1,500 to 8,000, 170 groups, inquiries letters Canada, Africa, England, France, Australia; Big Book sales 3,600 for year, Big Book 2nd printing; Serenity Prayer adopted; groups asked contribute $1 twice year support headquarters; A.A. had 8,000 members (A 192,196,310) (G 86-87) (H 1,150)

January 4: Wilson's find home Bedford Hill's New York (P 259)

February 24: Jack Alexander Saturday Evening Post article lead story dated March 1 put A.A. on map out (A viii,87,89,94,191) (E 16) (H 148,181) (MS 13) (L 132) (P 244,247,407)

March: Cleveland's A.A.'s celebrated Doc Smith Day (D 348)

March 1: Jack Alexander A.A. story Saturday Evening Post opened flood gates to A.A. (A 87,89,94,134,191) (B 311-312) (C 7) (G 73,86) (H 148,181) (L 132) (MS
13) (N 101 (S 140)

April: Bill cold in chest, took medicine high % alcohol, Lois away cruise, Bill started thinking about drinking (L 134)

April 11: Wilson's move Bedford Hills, 1st home 23 years marriage (P 260)

April 20: Lois cruise with Chris's mother (L 134)

May: Ethel M., Rollo M., Freddie S. & wife joined A.A.; Bill & Lois accept plan buy Stepping Stones (D 223,245) (L 133)

June: Jack C. brought Serenity Prayer Vesey Street office (A 196) (P 252)

September: Dr. Bob's daughter, Ernie G. A.A. #4 married (C 12,51)

November: eve Pearl Harbor; A.A. 200 groups, 6,000 A.A.'s, most never seen Bill (P 266)


Dr. Bob & Bill accused making undue profits on Big Book; started work down-and-outers, skid row Cleveland; Joe P. joined A.A., Dr. Bob's fellow Dartmouth College alumnus; Clinton Duffy allowed 1st A.A. prison meeting; Ruth Hock left A.A. get married, Bobbie B. took over; 1st prison A.A. group (A viii,16,89,195) (D 18,191,267,248,348) (E 62) (H 152)

March: received recommendation Colonel Donovan Washington Supply Service, interviewed brigadier general charge Army's Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, offered accept Bill as Captain, Bill failed physical ulcers; Ruth Hock left remarry A.A., moved Ohio (L 138) (P 272)

November: 1902 class reporter wrote Dr. Bob's A.A. involvement (D 22)


Bill & Lois make 1st cross-country tour A.A. groups, Traditions idea rose due constant & similar questions; Polly F.L. joined Chicago A.A.; Dr. E.M. Jellinek & Dr. Haggard inaugurated Yale Summer School Alcohol Studies (D 246) (H 188) (L 145) (P 305,407)

late: Bill spoke more 1,000 A.A's Los Angeles; met Warden Clinton T. Duffy 1st known corrections official in country permit A.A. meeting inside prison (G 74)

October 24: Wilson's start 1st major A.A. tour planning return January 19 1944; start Windsor group Canada (A 84) (P 286-287)

November 24: A.A.'s 8th Anniversary Dinner (G 73)

November 28: Bill guest speaker San Quentin Penitentiary (E 62)


Wilson's acquired name Stepping Stones house visited Nantucket; about 300 military A.A.'s stayed sober; Bill realized name inextricably linked Fellowship; Bill began see Dr. Harry Tiebout Blythewood psychiatrist brought Marty M. A.A.; 360 groups, 10,000 A.A.'s; Bill invited address New York State Medical Society; moved Vesey Street 415 Lexington Avenue near Grand Central Station; time magazine article National Committee Education Alcoholism, Marty M. headed; Betty Smith, Dr. Bob's son's wife, married; Betty's father alcoholic sober after Betty brought him Big Book; Medical Society New York invited Bill read paper its annual meeting, following Dr. Harry Tiebout, Dr. Kirby Collier, Dr. Foster Kennedy indorsed (A 2,198,204) (D 303) (E 19) (H 100,152) (MS 15-16) (P 260,274,304, 310,407)

summer: Bill started seeing Dr. Harry Tiebout series regular sessions for self (B 334,335)

end: 500 groups (H 1) 

January; onset Bill's depression upon return 3 month tour groups March: Al S. New York A.A. joined, early member General Service Office, advertising & film man; help re-form Manhattan Group roots Wilson's house late 1935 (G 87)

April 19: St. Thomas "1st permanent haven treatment" opened (S 102)

June: Grapevine published (A viii) (E 28) (H xiii) (L 144) (P 305)

October 2: Marty M. founded National Committee Education Alcoholism [N.C.E.A.]  became National Council Alcoholism, received enthusiastic support Grapevine, only 4 months old; Dr. Bob & Bill withdraw N.C.E.A. (H 100) (P 320)

October: A.A. started Australia, Father T. V. Dunlea, Rex (E 41) (N 346)

December: A.A. Grapevine article Bill's Wife Remembers When He and She and the 1st A.A.'s Were Very Young (L 199)


movie Lost Weekend released; Bruce M. met Dr. Bob 1942-1943, sober 1945; 1 paid worked every 98 groups; groups voted A.A. Grapevine national A.A. magazine; Tradition 2 written; Rowland Hazard died; Knickerbocker Hospital set aside small ward alcoholics; wrote John D. Rockefeller saying no longer need financial help (A 203) (D 276) (H 156) (L 93,145) (MS 134) (P 343) (TC 8) 

January 24: 1st black group St. Louis (N 361)

late: suggestion mass A.A. experience codified into principles offer tested solutions problems working living together membership, group autonomy, singleness purpose, nonendorsement, professionalism, public controversy, anonymity, other aspects (B 333) (MS 14) (N 120) (P 306)


Ernie G. A.A. #4, Sue's 1st husband quit drinking; 1946 Dick P. 1st Spanish-speaking A.A. finished translating Big Book Spanish, gives Bill; Eleanor E. heard Dr. Bob & Bill speak, didn't know who they were 1966; Bill & Dr. Bob both publicly endorsed National Committee Education Alcoholism founded Marty M., names in letter head, 1946 solicitation letter for funds distributed causing look A.A. & N.C.E.A. together, caused terrible problems, had impact wording short form 7th
Tradition; Ian M. starts A.A. New Zealand; A.A. started 4 separate places South Africa; 1st Scotland alcoholic find sobriety through A.A. Glasgow 1946, preamble formulated A.A. Grapevine editor (C 52) (D 249,300) (E 42,46,51) (G 12-13) (N 254)

Summer:  Bill & Lois took trip West & North including seeing Bill's dad, drove new De Soto (L 149)

April/May: long form 12 Traditions, 12 Points Assure Our Future prior name 12 Traditions, 1st published Grapevine May 1946 (A viii,96,203,210) (E 30) (H 21,68) (L 147) (MS 15) (N 113,346) (P306,324) 

June: 24,000 plus members (H 30)

September: 1st A.A. group Mexico (E 48)

November 18: 1st Dublin Ireland group met (A 83) (E 43-44)


Dr. Bob's 1st operation; Dr. Oscar Olsen friend & enthusiastic A.A. since 1947; founder Oslo Norway group from Greenwich Connecticut, found A.A. 1947; Captain Jack 1st Internationalist found A.A.; 1st A.A. meeting England; 1st group Brazil & Scotland (A 83) (B 349) (E 32,41,47,51) (G 73) (L 149) (P 334)

early: 40,000 A.A.'s, 1,250 groups (G 9) 

March: 3 Nell Wing started work A.A. Fellowship, Alcoholic Foundation 415 Lexington Avenue across Grand Central Station, 13 employees, 2 staff members, Bill once week (G 5,7,90)

March: 4 Nell Wing met Bill 11th floor 415 Lexington Avenue (G 7)

June: A.A. preamble originally appeared Grapevine (E 30) 


Clint F., friend co-worker Bill's. came A.A.; Dr. Bob diagnosed terminal cancer; Al S. chaired dinner, maybe Bill's anniversary celebration, Dr. Bob, wife, Bill, wife there, so excited couldn't remember Dr. Bob's name; George H. pro-conference New York A.A., surveyed groups around country reference self-government; Bill & Lois extended trip visit groups; Bill on road sound out groups elected conference (A 211) (D 320,322) (L 149) (P 161,334)

summer: Dr. Bob found with cancer, retired practice (D 320,348) (TC 7)

late: Al S. Grapevine editor succeeding Tom Y. 1st editor (G 88)

January: 1st A.A. meeting Japan English speaking (E 56)

December: Dr. Bob's last major talk Detroit (D 287,348)


possibility international convention 1st raised Houston A.A.; Bill acts upon Earl T.'s suggestion shorten 12 Points Assure Our Future; Henry W. heard Dr. Bob, Bill, Bill D., Sister Ignatia speak Akron meeting, got drunk, sober 1950; Internationalists Seamen Group organized Captain Jack S., Dr. Bob's wife Annie died, Earl T. suggested reduce Traditions short form; Sister Ignatia admitted Dr. Bob & Anne St. Thomas Hospital; 1st National Clergy Conference Alcoholism N.C.C.A.; A.A. Grapevine international monthly journal A.A.; American Psychiatric Association
recognizes  A.A. (A viii,205) (D 277) (G 10-11,20,83) (MS 134) (P 333-334) (S 129,197)

end: A.A. office about 5 staffers, 14 or more other nonalcoholic employees; membership more 96,000 (G 8) (H 1)

March: Dr. Bob considered idea A.A. conference premature (D 348)

May 24: Rochester's Dr. Kirby Collier, early A.A. admirer among psychiatrists invited Bill participate alcoholism symposium American Psychiatric Association meeting Montreal, printed American Journal Psychiatry (A 2,205) (H 156,173,370) (MS 16) (P 334)

June 1: Anne Ripley Smith, Dr. Bob's wife, died age 68 heart attack (C 7,60) (D 328,348) (G 88) (P 334) (S 117,128,130)

June: Dr. Bob's wife's burial service Akron (G 83)

December 7: Sister Ignatia received Poverello Medal behalf A.A. (S 140)

December 25: perhaps day Dr. Bob's last visit alcoholic ward St. Thomas Hospital
(D 197) 


until now most vital group services General Service Office, A.A. World Services Inc, A.A. Grapevine Inc, General Service Board  Alcoholics Anonymous, under sole function few oldtimers; Henry W. heard Dr. Bob, Bill, Bill D., Sister Ignatia speak Akron 1949 meeting, got drunk, sober 1950; A.A. spread Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, England, Continental Europe, South Africa, bit later Alaska, Pacific Islands,
Hawaii, Orient, 1st International Convention Cleveland 12 Traditions accepted, Dr. Bob's last talk, Wilson's 1st visit Europe, A.A. office moved 415 Lexington Avenue-141 East 44th Street, Helen B. senior staff member A.A. office recommends Nell Wing work directly Bill, Henrietta Seiberling others [Orthodox Group] against Bill's conference idea; office moved 415 Lexington Avenue-141 East 44th Street; Jack Alexander wrote A.A. article Saturday Evening Post; traditions by now published Grapevine articles, discussed meetings; plan devised General Service Conference; Conference plan called 3rd Legacy plan set up Bill & Dr. Bob; Conference Charter drawn (A 207) (B 343-344) (D 277) (E 71) (G 9,11,13-14,51,62,73,83,91) (H 113,125,148,155,157,181) (MS 8,13,15,17,23) (N 346) (TC 29)

end: 3,500 groups (H 1)

April 1: Jack Alexander Saturday Evening Post A.A. article (E 16) (H 148) (S 140) 

May: Bill & Lois visit Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France, England, Ireland, Scotland (A 26) (E 40) (L 152)

July: 15th anniversary, 1st International A.A. Convention Cleveland; 12 Traditions accepted; Dr. Bob last appearance (A viii) (B 343-344) (C 7,147) (D 325,348) (E 17,20,71) (H 113,125,155,359) (L 155) (MS 15) (N 346) (P 333,338,407) (S 141)

October: trustees approve conference trial basis (G 51)

November 16: Dr. Bob co-founder A.A. died cancer, started prostate (A viii,9-10) (B 345) (C 7,61) (D 344,348) (E 20) (G 13,88) (H 113) (MS 16) (N 346) (P 342,407) (S 17,140,144)

December: Grapevine article [prepared earlier] Bill & Dr. Bob signed, recommended establishment A.A. General Service Conference (D 348)


Jack Alexander trustee until 1956, 111,765 A.A.'s, 4,052 groups, Lasker Award given A.A.; Bill's 1st draft 3rd Legacy Manual; panel 1 delegates elected; General Service Conference created Dr. Bob & Bill; 1st experimental General Service Conference called 1st time see Tradition 2 successfully applied A.A. whole, see could would Conference assume ultimate responsibility world service operation; Dr. Tiebout wrote Role Psychiatry Field Alcoholism (A ix,4,88,207,301,319) (H 136,157,306) (MS 7,18,30) (P 246,344,350) (TC 8)

January: Bill nominated inclusion Who's Who America, refused; Dr. Bob memorial issue Grapevine (D 339) (G 88) (H 113) (P 350)

February: Fortune magazine published article Uniquely American Phenomenon, helped A.A. grow (H 135)

April: 1st General Service Conference, 5 year experiment, theme Not Govern Serve, New York Commodore Hotel (A ix,217) (B 350) (D 326) (E 20) (G 88) (H 113,164,306,325) (L 156) (MS 18) (P 348-349,407)

October: Lasker Award given A.A. by American Public Health Association San Francisco (A ix,4,88,207,301) (H 136,157) ((N 112)


Sister Ignatia transferred St. Thomas Hospital to administer alcoholic ward St. Vincent's Charity Hospital Cleveland; Bill decided combine 12 Traditions written Grapevine essays hard-cover new series Step essays applied living sober; panel 2 delegates elected (D 197) (G 14) (MS 18)

December 15: Rosary Hall St. Vincent Charity Hospital opened, Don L. 1st alcoholic patient (S 175)


Works Publishing Inc. became A.A. Publishing Inc (N 68)

April: 12 & 12 published, editor Tom P.; Dr. Tiebout wrote Surrender Versus Compliance Therapy (A ix,219,319) (E 26) (G 14,16) (L 156) (P 354,407)


Hank P. died; Alcoholic Foundation renamed General Service Board Alcoholics Anonymous; Dr. Humphry Osmond & Dr. Abram Hoffer began LSD experiments help alcoholics schizophrenics, Bill tried LSD California August 29 1956 under guidance Gerald Heard present guiding Sidney Cohen psychiatrist Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital Tom P. there; meetings held T. Henry Williams house to this time; Bill's writing research team idea he, Nell Wing, Ed B., projects 2nd edition Big Book update personal stories, full-length A.A. history-became Alcoholics
Anonymous Comes Age 1957, In All Our Affairs-working title book summary
how Bill others applied program spiritually practically evolved A.A. Way Life later As Bill See's It, began 141 East 44th Street moved 1955 loft building 305 East 45th Street adjacent shipping department relieve overcrowding, interruptions, distractions, 3 years; Bill Wilson began collecting A.A. history; Sister Ignatia received National Theta Phi Alpha's St. Catherine Siena Award; Bill completed essays 12 & 12; U.S.
A.A. Eddie F., sobered Boston, founder A.A. El Salvador 1954, called there Mr. Eddie; Dr. Tiebout wrote Ego Factors Surrender Alcoholism (A 319) (B 356) (D 58) (E 47) (G 15,121) (H 165) (L 157,159) (P154,243,349) (S 17,185,240) (TC 6)

January: Lois's heart attack (L 156) (P 360)

February 14: Bill's father Gilman Wilson died (P 362)

April 15: 1st A.A. group meeting Iceland (E 49)

August 7: after 23 years 11 months Sister Ignatia left St. Thomas for Charity Hospital
(S 149,150-151)

September 17: Bill D. A.A. #3 died (H 360)

October: Alcoholic Foundation became General Service Office (A ix,2)


1st edition Big Book 16 printings, some personal stories outdated; 2nd edition Big Book published, 15 members advisory committee 8 nonalcoholics Class A 7 alcoholics Class B; 1 paid worker every 230 groups; A.A. 70 foreign lands
(E 26,40) (G 15,51) (M 16) (P 356) 

January 6: Christine Wilson, Bill's father 2nd wife died (P 363)

July 3rd: Bill gives A.A. formal release into maturity, 20th anniversary 2nd International Convention St. Louis Convention Bill declared A.A. of age, pronounced service structure complete, turned Fellowship over to A.A.'s; free from depression, 2nd edition Big Book published; 131,619 A.A.'s, 5,927 groups; Dr. Bob's daughter & A.A. #4 Ernie G. attend; Dr. Sam Shoemaker spoke; Conference plan called 3rd Legacy plan set up 1950 Bill & Dr. Bob confirmed (A ix,1) (C 7,12,64) (H 113) (L 103,157) (MS 23,35) (N 135) (P 303,354,358,407) (TC 1,6,10)


Mark Whalon, Bill's childhood friend died; Bill wrote letter J.J. Hennessy ideas structure A.A.; Public Information Committee assume charge public relations
(A ix) (G 21,43) (P 364) 


Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age published, log 3 day 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955, Fellowship history, Tom P. editor; Nell Wing began A.A. archival activity; A.A. started Poland; 1st overseas General Service Office Great Britain & Ireland; A.A. membership 200,000, 7,000 groups, 70 countries (A ix) (B 356) (E 53) (G 16,121) (P 354,359)

October: Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age published (A ix)


Professor Watson wrote letter A.A. General Service Office about Dr. Bob; Days Wine Roses full-length TV production, A.A. cooperated (A ix) (D 23)

May: Search Ecstasy article Grapevine Gerald Heard defined A.A. ad hoc church
(G 75)

October: 1st international A.A. Grapevine (H 395)


Bill withdrew LSD experiments; Bill starts write supplement A.A. Service Manual, 12 Concepts World Service, conference approved 1962, withdrew LSD experiments; wrote Robert H. about loneliness; A.A.'s 1st clubhouse torn down; A.A. Publishing Inc. became World Services Inc. (A ix) (G 26,54,76) (L 181) (N 304) (P 376)


A.A.'s 25th Anniversary International Convention Long Beach California; present Bill, Lois, Sister Ignatia, Judge John Murtagh, Col. Edward Towns, Leonard Harrison, Marty M., Warden Clinton Duffy, Archie Roosevelt, Dr. John L. Norris, Dr. Harry Tiebout, Hollywood stars celebrities Peggy Lee, Jayne Mansfield, Dennis Day, Buster Keaton, Les Brown & His Band Renown; 8,700 attended; 1 Bill's longest talks; Dr. Sam Shoemaker spoke (A ix) (E 72-73) (G 75,101) (L 103,157) (S 274)

fall: Nell Wing's 1st visit Wilson's Vermont, 25th A.A. Vermont anniversary, Bill received behalf A.A. citation Governor Stafford (G 57)

April 2: Father Edward Dowling, S.J. died (A 2) (G 66) (H 364)

May 2: Caryl Chessman executed, convicted murder, 12 years death row, wrote autobiography Cell 2455, Death Row, Jack Alexander suggested write Bill, believe close resemblance between criminal psychopath & alcoholic both unconsciously destroy themselves, Bill wrote back (P 364,366)


Dr. Frank Buchman died, Bill asked General Service Conference make provision Lois should die before, done without delay, requested Ebby receive monthly check life, did; Bill wrote Carl Jung; Bill announced final retirement (A ix) (H 231) (P 386-387,393) (W 173)

May 15: Bill's mother died (P 387)

June 6: Dr. Carl Jung died (P 386) (W 173)


manuscript 12 Concepts World Service' accepted & recommended distribution supplement to & eventually integral part 3rd Legacy Manual; Joe Hirshhorn Bill renewed association, Bill gave up A.A. leadership; Service Manual & 12 Concepts World Service published; Yale Summer School Alcohol Studies inaugurated Dr. E.M. Jellinek 1943 transferred Rutgers University New Jersey (A x) (G 26,71,76) (L 145,158) (MS ii) (N 304) (P 396)

April 26: 12 Annual General Service Conference Alcoholics Anonymous adopted 12 Concepts World Service, Bill wrote (N 304) (TC i)


Bill received only income royalties Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age, 12 & 12, A.A. Way Life became [As Bill Sees It], agreement A.A. World Services bequeath royalties Lois, permitted bequeath royalties part estate, 80% beneficiaries reached age 40 time agreement 1963, upon death beneficiaries royalties revert A.A., Bill requested no royalties foreign editions; Dick P. 1st Spanish-speaking A.A. gets citizenship, joined A.A. early 1940; Bill article Grapevine [Our Critics Can Be Our
Benefactors]; Aldous Huxley died; Ethel M. died; 1st A.A. women stay sober any time, credited having longest uninterrupted sobriety any women; Days Wines & Roses film, A.A. cooperated; 1st Regional Trustees elected General Service Board replaced Area Trustee; Dr. Samuel Shoemaker died (A ix,x,4) (D 249) (G 44) (P 393) (S 124)


Responsibility Declaration adopted International Convention [I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible]; Bill wrote 1 of 3 papers vitamin B-3 treatment alcoholism; Dr. Bob's daughter divorced A.A. #4 Ernie G.; 1st anniversary convention outside U.S.; 30th Anniversary Convention Toronto Canada (C 12) (G 103) (H 328) (L 158) (P 181,389)

July: article William James & Alcoholics Anonymous magazine America, Robert J. Roth, based discussions & sharing 30th Anniversary Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965, 10,000 attended, film Bill's Own Story introduced, pocket size 12 & 12 released, major speakers Bill, Lois, Bernard Smith; other speakers Selden Bacon Rutgers School Alcohol Studies, Dr. Marvin Block American Medical Association, Reverend Howard Clinebell & Dr. Luther Cloud; Frank Amos died; color film group use only Bill & Lois tell early A.A. story
(A x) (E 73) (G 21,92) 


Dr. Bob's daughter start drinking age 48; Eleanor E. heard Dr. Bob & Bill speak 1946, didn't know who they were 1966 (C 80) (D 300)

March-1st part April: Sister Ignatia, Dr. Harry Tiebout died (A 2,46) (G 92,99) (H 367) (L 118) (P 336)

March 21: Ebby died sober (P 336)

April: board unanimously accepted Advisory Actions Conference, board increased 21, 7 nonalcoholic 14 alcoholic, Bill's last official Fellowship business (A x) (B 355) (E 21) (L 159) (MS 114) (P 396)

April 1: Sister Ignatia died (H 371) (S 2,257,273)


ratio alcoholic nonalcoholics trustees board changed, majority alcoholic trustees, A.A. Way Life published, title changed 1975 As Bill Sees It, Janet G. edited; conference decision all inquires vitamin B-3 handled outside G.S.O. separate office; A.A. Way Life now As Bill Sees It published (A x) (G 55) (N 142) (P 360,407)


Bill proposal World Service Meeting, met 1969 (G 92)

January 24: Bill & Lois married 50 years (L 159)


1st biannual World service Meeting (G 90,92)

February: Bill fell studio roof, health declined rapidly (P 397)

April: Bill quit smoking (P 398)

October 9-11: 1st World Service Meeting New York 14 countries (A xi)


Betty B. young student nurse City Hospital, joined A.A.; Bernard Smith died
(A 47) (D 46) 

April: General Service Office, Neil Wing, others moved 45th Street office 468 Park Avenue South (G 124)

July: 35th Anniversary, 11,000 attend, Bill's last appearance Miami Convention tried to speak couldn't finish, terminally ill; International Convention Miami Beach, Fontainebleau & Eden Roc hotels; 10,900 attended; Richard Nixon wired congratulations, film Bill Discusses 12 Traditions introduced (A xi) (E 74) (G 104) (P 398,407)

December: Lois' brother Roger died, introduced Lois & Bill (G 57) 


January 24: Bill died emphysema complicated bouts pneumonia; Bill on Lear jet, Bedford Hills New York Miami Heart Clinic, Brinkley Smithers, Lois, Nell Wing, Dr. Ed B. along (A xi) (B 368-369) (C 8,81) (E 21) (G 1) (L 160) (MS 35) (P 407)

January 26: New York Times front-page picture, obituary Bill, hundreds newspapers around world followed suit, 1st time world knew full identity co-founder A.A. (A xi) (G 3)

February 14: St. Valentine's Day special memorial services held Cathedral St. John Divine New York, across U.S., Canada, London, Antwerp, Bombay, Dublin, Glasgow, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Oslo, Istanbul, Sri Lanka, Tokyo, throughout Central & South America, East Dorset Vermont, private service Stepping Stones few days earlier (A xi) (B 369) (G 3)

May 8: Bill buried East Dorset Vermont, ground frozen till then (G 3,57)

June 11: Ernie G. A.A. #4 died (C 13) 


Nell Wing appointed archivist; A.A. General Service Board created Trustee's Archives Committee (G 127)

October 24: 1st meeting Trustees' Archives Committee (G 127)


short form 12 Concepts prepared General Service Board; Lois found out reason not permitted adopt children Bill's drinking (L 35) (TC iii)


Dr. Bob's daughter read Big Book; 40th anniversary International Convention Denver Currigan Hall; over 19,000 attend; Al S. led spiritual meeting; 20,000 people; A.A.'s paraded flags 29 nations; theme Let It Begin With Me; 19,800 attended, theme Let It Began With Me, worlds largest coffee maker produced 1/2 million cups daily; Living Sober booklet published (A xi,xi) (C 81) (D 154) (E 74-75) (G 107)

November 3: official ribbon-cutting ceremonies open archives; present chairman George G. presided, Lois, Dr, Jack Norris, Tom S., Nell Wing; forgot tape it
(G 131,132)

December 19: Dr. Bob's daughter married Ray Windows (C 13,85)


3rd Big Book published; worldwide A.A. estimates more 1,000,000 almost 28,000 groups (A xi) (E 26)


2nd Ocean Roundup [Cruise Without Booze] Miami Bahamas back 1977, Al S.
planned executed; 50 Finnish alcoholics tried carry A.A. message Leningrad Russia no luck (E 54) (G 137)


Markings on Journey prepared initiative Mike R. chairman Trustees' Archives Committee 1979, unveiled 45th International Convention New Orleans 1980; tells story 1st 15 years A.A. history & highlight later (G 131)

March 13: Dr. Bob's son's wife 1st A.A. meeting for self (C 152)


45th International Convention New Orleans, Superdome; 1st archives workshop international convention; 1st recognize gay alcoholics their own program; 1st marathon meeting continuously day & night Thursday midnight-Sunday morning; 23,000 attending; Lois given 1st Italian Big Book by Roberto C. did it, 22,500 attended, 33 countries flag ceremony, 1st true marathon meeting, Dr. Bob's son there (A xi) (E 75-76) (G 109-110)


distribution Alcoholics Anonymous passes 3,000,000 (A xi)


Nell Wing retired; Frank M. archivist; Warren Clinton Duffy died (A 89) (G 93,127)

late: Francis H. young Boston A.A. read Lois's book, offered help her late 1982; came Stepping Stones January 1983, 1st as caretaker, then secretary, stayed Lois's death (G 139)


January: Francis H. young Boston A.A. came Stepping Stones 1st as caretaker, then secretary, stayed Lois's death, young Boston A.A. read Lois's book, offered help her

late 1982; 1st Loners-Internationalists Conference Akron (E 32) (G 139)


1st printing Dr. Bob & Good Oldtimers (D 4)


50th anniversary International Convention Montreal Canada, 45,000 people, 54 counties flag ceremony; Ruth Hock presented 5 millionth copy Big Book; 1st A.A. group Romania started American couple; copyrights 1st 2nd editions Big Book expired; Founders Foundation purchase Dr. Bobs house (E 18,50,77) (G 95-96,111) (N 297-299)

August 26: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services & Lois sign agreement holding each other blameless copyright loss Big Book (N 300,406)


spring: Ruth Hock Bill's 1st secretary died, typed original manuscript Big Book (A 16) (G 111-112)

April 14: 1st A.A. open speaker meeting Moscow (E 54)

May: Harriet G. Nell Wing's secretary general assistant died (G 126)


Lois Remembers published; Warren T. died early San Francisco A.A. (A 90) (L 11)


Grapevine published Language Heart, volume Bill's writings in Grapevine 1944; Michael Alexander Chairman Board; John B. general manager General Service Office; 1st A.A. group Hungry Ametiszt (E 57) (G 27,140,144)

January: Sister M. Victorine died (G 25)

October: Dr. Milton Maxwell chairman Emeriti with Dr. John (Jack) L. Norris International Convention Montreal 1985; member 1st Trustees' Archives Committee; nonalcoholics trustee, chairman board; died (G 127)

October 5: Lois, Bill's wife died (C 80) (G 83) (144)

October 10: Lois's burial East Dorset Vermont (G 83)


January: Dr. John L. Norris died April: Dr. Leonard Strong Bill's brother-in-law died
(G 98)

August 3: Ray Windows Dr. Bob's daughter 2nd husband died (C 13,95)


55 anniversary International Convention Seattle Convention, 48,000 attended, 75 countries; Nell Wing given 10 millionth Big Book copy, host committee 3,000
(E 10) (G 73,96,112) 


1st printing, Grateful To Have Been There (G ii)


Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc announced official use circle & triangle trademarks & service marks discontinued (MS 103)


A.A. Everywhere-Anywhere published; over 2 million members, 90,000 groups in 141 countries; 60th anniversary San Diego California, theme A.A. Everywhere- -Anywhere (E 4,9,39)   


Language of the Heart published (H iv) 


International Convention Long Beach California Allen B. chaired; Bill gave longest talk Deep Freeze Talk; Holywood's stars attending Buster Keaton, Jayne Mansfield, Dennis Day, Peggy Lee; Bill B. MC (G 101-102)


International Convention Montreal Canada 45,000 people, 54 countries; Olympic Stadium (G 96,112)


International Convention Seattle 48,000 people, 75 countries (G 96)

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