Letter of Invitation to Celebration

May 15, 1945

Dear AAs:

Several items of interest are in the air and we want the members to know about them.

First and most important is the Tenth Anniversary Celebration to be held in Cleveland on June 10th at 2:30 PM and the Founder's Day Dinner the same day in Akron at 6:30 PM. Both of these affairs are to honor the meeting ten years ago of Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson, a meeting from which AA was born. Bill hopes to be with Bob at these meetings if his health permits but has asked me to tell you how much he regrets not being able to accept the many invitations coming in from other nearby Groups. The doctors have advised Bill not to do any traveling or Group-visiting for some time to come. However, he wants to be with Bob at the Tenth Anniversary meetings knowing so well that without Bob AA could never have been. Let me assure everyone that Bill's condition is not serious and we should not be alarmed as long as he practices "easy does it".

Recently a story about Alcoholics Anonymous was used as the basis for a broadcast by THE MARCH OR TIME. Members have 'phoned and written in asking why they were not notified. The best reason I can give is that we ourselves did not know of it until the day after the story went on the air. Usually all national publicity clears through this office and The Trustees of The Alcoholic Foundation are consulted before release. Perhaps because this broadcast was taken from material out of a book about us but not connected with us, officially, THE MARCH OF TIME editors did not think of notifying us.

There is soon to be an article in LOOK magazine on Alcoholics Anonymous. This was arranged by a local Group but we were asked to check the copy for factual information just before the piece went to press. Because of the time element we were unable to do much more than accept the copy as set up but the proofs on the whole were excellent and we believe this piece will bring in many new members.

This office has been requested again to bring up the question of not using the name, "ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS", or the letters, "AA", on envelopes and postal cards. The majority of Groups and members ask that this policy of anonymity be more carefully kept. There is also some discussion about the use of our confidential Group list for matters not strictly about AA. Inasmuch as your Central Office and The Trustees feel it is up to the membership to decide such questions of policy we are asking for your opinions. Several have already been sent in on this matter...we will appreciate hearing from more of you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the secretaries with whom I correspond for their splendid cooperation in keeping us up-to-date on local activities and for the very fine letters it is my privilege to receive. I know many of you so well although we have never met and I'm grateful for the many friendships this correspondence brings.

As ever,
Bobbie Burger (signed)
Margaret R. Burger

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