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What the Purpose of the Foundation Is:

Answer: The Alcoholic Foundation is comprised of seven trustees, four of whom (a majority) are non-alcoholics but keenly interested in the problem of alcoholism, and three of whom are members of A.A. These trustees maintain the Central Office, our National Headquarters, where inquiries concerning A.A. from all parts of the world are answered and from which office our literature is mailed. Beside maintaining this Central Office, the trustees of the Foundation have charge of all national publicity, and consult with the A.A. group on matters of national policy. None of the trustees receives any compensation for his or her services.

The non-alcoholic trustees are:

Mr. Leonard V. Harrison, Chairman.
(Mr. Harrison is identified with Community Service - the combined charities of New York City.)

Mr. Willard S. Richardson, Treasurer.
(Before his retirement, religious secretary to Mr. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.)

Mrs. Livingston Farrand
(Distinguished wife of Livingston Farrand, former President of Cornell University.)

Dr. Leonard V. Strong, Jr.
(A physician most helpful to A.A. from its beginning.)

Two of the present A.A. members of the board are from the New York Metropolitan area, the third from Akron, Ohio.

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