The Little Red Book

The following was written by Glenn C., Ph.D., Indiana University, South Bend

We know a lot about how The Little Red Book was put together. That well-known beginners introduction was put together by the Nicollet Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was formed by Barry Collins, Ed Webster, and eleven others in December 1943. Newcomers and their spouses were asked to attend what they called Twelve Step Study Classes before the new people were allowed to become full members of the group. The lectures used for these classes were mimeographed at first. Ed Webster (who later wrote Stools and Bottles
and Our Devilish Alcoholic Personalities) was probably the principal author.

Then in August 1946, after one of the final drafts was sent to Dr. Bob (who contributed some changes and comments), it was put out in the form of a little book printed by the Coll-Webb Company, and went through many printings during the years that followed. In 1976 Hazelden took over the task of printing and distributing it, so it is still in print today.

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