Twenty-Four Hours a Day©

The early A. A. Members meditation book

"Twenty-Four Hours a Day," commonly referred to as "the 24 hour book," was prepared by Richmond Walker. It was published by Hazelden, and remains a popular meditation book for A. A. members. I was given a copy at the first A. A. meeting I attended.

Walker was a member of the Oxford Group who stopped drinking and smoking for two and a half years (1939-1941). He then had an eighteen-month relapse and eventually found sobriety again in A.A. in Boston.

He incorporated the spiritual ideas from a popular Oxford Group book, "God Calling," into this little meditation book. I have compared them, and almost all of the meditations in this book are adapted from "God Calling."

Source: "New Wine, the Spiritual Roots of the Twelve Step Miracle©," by Mel B., published by Hazelden©.

Source: Nancy O.

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