Chronology of AA Groups 

First known AA locations, many had more than one group by the end of 1940


Akron, OH
June 10, 1935 - Dr. Bob has last drink (some say it may have been on 
June 17 based on date of medical convention he attended.)ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS FOUNDED
Nov-Dec 1939 - Akron group withdrawals from association with Oxford Group. Meetings moved from T. Henry & Clarence Williams to Dr Bob and other members homes.
Jan 1940 - Akron group moves to new home at King School.

Ashtabula, OH
Dec 1940 - group started Ashtabula, Ohio due Plain Dealer articles.

Baltimore, PA
June 13, 1940 - Jimmy B helped Jim R start group in Baltimore.

Boston, MA
1940 - Paddy K. founded A.A. Boston

Chicago, IL
Sept 1939 - group started by Earl T in Chicago.

Cleveland, OH
May 11, 1939 - The first group to officially call itself Alcoholics 
Anonymous met at Abby G's house in Cleveland, OH - old Borton Group (?). 1st group to have no Oxford Group connection.
Dec 1940 - A.A. Cleveland has about 30 groups.

Detroit & Youngstown, OH
1939 - Meetings being held in Detroit. Archie T. & nonalcoholic friend 
Sarah Klein helped start; expanded into Youngstown.

Evansville, IN
April or May of 1940.

Greenwich CT
1939 Marty M pioneered group at Blythwood Sanitarium

High Watch Farm, CT
1940 - 1st A.A. oriented drying facility 'High Watch Farm' in Kent

Houston, TX
April 1, 1940 - Larry J. of Houston, wrote "The Texas Prayer", used to open AA meetings in Texas. He is also said to have written the "Texas Preamble".

Little Rock, AR
April 19, 1940 - The first AA group in Little Rock, Arkansas, was formed. First 'mail order' group.

Los Angeles, CA
Dec 1939 - 1st home meeting Los Angeles Kaye M.'s house

New York, NY
Fall & Winter 1935 - Bill back in New York. Begin to hold meetings on Clinton St. Tuesday nights. Hank P and Fitz M get sober.
1937 - Bill and the New York alcoholics split from the Oxford Group. Among residents at Clinton St. were Ebby T., Oscar V., Russell R., Bill C., Florence R.
June 18, 1940 - Meeting held in first 'AA clubhouse', at 334 W. 24th St, NYC. Bert T. & Horace C. guarantee rent for building.

Philadelphia, PA
February 28, 1940 - Jimmy B. moved there & started group

Richmond, VA
June 6, 1940 - AA group founded in Richmond, Virginia.

Rockland State Hospital, NY
Dec 1939 - First AA group in mental institution, Rockland State Hospital, NY.

St. Louis, MO
1939 - Father Ed Dowling responsible founding A.A. St. Louis

Toledo, OH
summer 1939 - Charles ("C.J.") K. & Eddie B. 12 stepped Duke P. Toledo, both state insane asylum Toledo voluntary commitments, read Big Book manuscript, got out Sept 1940 - AA group started in Toledo, Duke P & others started it.

Washington DC
1937, Fitz M. was spending much of his time trying to get AA started in Washington, by fall of 1939 the nucleus of a small group had been established.  Joined by Hardin C., Bill A. and Florence R

1941 - 

Austin TX
December 13, 1945

Dallas TX
The first AA meeting took place was on Jan. 7, 1942 at the White Plaza Hotel.

Kalamazoo, MI
March 17, 1941

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