Historical Sites in New York from World Services

Towns Hospital Picture Town's Hospital: 293 Central Park West. Bill made 4 trips to Town’s Hospital and ultimately a Spiritual Experience. Dr Silkworth, Medical Superintendent, treated 40,000 alkies and wrote The Doctor's Opinion.
  Calvary Church/House: 21st and Park Ave. South where Bill attended Oxford Group meetings and got sober along with Ebby, Rowland, Cebra, Hank, and all the gang. Sam Shoemaker, source of 'all AA's spiritual principles via the Oxford Group,' was the pastor of Calvary.17 William Street, Newark, NJ Honor Dealers; Hank Parkhurst & Bill set set-up first Headquarters office. Write Big Book. Ruth Hock first non-alcoholics employee.
17 Williams Street Office 17 Williams Street in Newark, NJ, "Honor Dealers" Office; Hank Parkhurst & Bill Wilson set up the first "Headquarters" office. Most of the Big Book is written here & Ruth Hock (secretary) is the first non-alcoholic employee.
  30 Vesey Street, NYC, Second Office, After Bill splits with Hank. (1938-1940.)
  415 Lexington; Office moves to Grand Central Area after Bill gets Bedford Hills home. Easy commute. (1940-1944)
  141 East 44th Street. More space. (1950-1960.)
  315 East 45th Street, larger quarters in Grand Central Area (1960-1970.)
  468 Park Avenue South; General Service Office for over 20 years, finally occupying 5 floors in 2 buildings.  (including 470 Park Avenue South). (470) (1970-1992.)
475 Riverside Drive Office 475 Riverside Drive, 11th Floor/half of 10th (1992-present.)
  38 Livingston Street, Brooklyn: Bill's home during high flying years on Wall Street. Combined two apartments.
182 Clinton Street Home 182 Clinton Street; Brooklyn. Bill's home when he got sober. Gift of Lois’s father. Lost during depression. (sober)
30 Rockefeller Plaza Meeting Place 30 Rockefeller Plaza; where Bill met 'Uncle Dick' Richardson, conduit to John D Rockefeller. Bill sat in Rockefeller’s chair on the 66th Floor Office of John D.
Roosevelt Hotel Conferences Site Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Ave. & 44th Street. Site of over 35 General Service Conferences.
Park Omni Conference Center Park Omni, Seventh Avenue & 56th Street. Site of General Service Conferences.
New York Hilton - site of "Bill's Dinner" New York Hilton, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, site of "Bill W Dinner" put on by NY Intergroup since 1945.

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