The Top 12 Pickup Lines
at a Substance Abuse Clinic

"Let's do something we'll have to make amends for in a couple of steps."

"Trust me: Once you've done it while convulsing through withdrawal, you'll never go back!"

"I bet you could give me the most bang for my bong."

"I understand we have the same type of hepatitis."

"Your urine sample came back positive... for foxiness."

"How'd about you slip into something more comatose?"

"I bet you're someone famous, because I noticed you're not wearing panties."

"Baby, I may be out of Doritos, but I've still got the munchies for you."

"May I hold your hair while you puke?"

"I made you a bong out of macaroni and pudding."

"I'm drunk with love for you... and drunk with Scope... but mostly love."

and the Number 1 Pickup Line at a Substance Abuse Clinic...

"If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it in front of me so the security cam doesn't catch me shooting up?"

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