The First AA Bulletin

Box 658, Church Street Annex, New York City

#1, AA BULLETIN, 11/14/40

We wish to thank our many friends and correspondents all over the country for their cooperation in keeping the national headquarters informed of developments in the various groups. It is through such a central exchange that vital information and contact points can be brought to the attention of those who seek the solution to alcoholism which means so much to us.

This bulletin is an effort to develop a mutual idea exchange sheet to establish a closer feeling of friendship between A.A. groups from the east coast to the west, and we hope it will prevent secession from the A.A. ranks of our San Francisco group who threatened to call themselves “Dipsomaniacs Incognito” unless they heard from us more frequently. A bulletin has been contemplated for some time but delayed due to lack of sufficient personnel and office facilities. We now have at least the equipment and hope to be able to make this bulletin a periodic spree (not alcoholic).

This office has in the last year handled over 2000 inquiries answering each by personal letter. In addition, correspondence is maintained with about 50 centers where A.A. work is in operation, varying from the solitary efforts of single isolated A.A. members to groups of 150.

In view of the fact that in April 1939 there were only about 100 A.A. members, and the fact that there is now a total of approximately 1400, your efforts and ours have been exceptionally worth while. Continued A.A. activity will mean a great deal not only to each of us as individuals, but also to the many who are still unaware of the fact that there is an answer to the alcoholic problem which is practicable on a large scale.

Our correspondence reaches not only the four corners of the U.S. but also touches Alaska, Africa, England, France and Australia. Although nothing of consequence has developed as yet in these distant places, nevertheless it is indicative of the widespread interest in Alcoholics Anonymous, of the far reaching results already obtained, and the possibilities for the future.

For the general information of all A.A. members, we list below those cities where there are isolated A.A. members who have recovered either through the book alone or through brief contact with established centers.

Cohoes, N.Y.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Denver, Colorado
Shelby, North Carolina
Greensboro, North Carolina
Aiken, South Carolina
Bellingham, Washington
Bismarck, North Dakota
Burlington, Vermont
Bennington, Vermont
Norfolk, Virginia
Kansas City, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Knoxville, Tennessee
Eau Clare, Wisconsin
Phoenix, Arizona

There are several “working” A.A. members in each of the following cities where meetings are in a get together stage.

Pittsburgh, PA.
Boston, Mass.
Wallingford, Vermont
San Diego, California
Indianapolis, Ind.

And following is a list of communities where A.A. is well established and weekly meetings are held:

New York City, N.Y.
South Orange, N.J.
Washington, D.C.
Richmond, VA.
Detroit, Michigan
Jackson, Michigan
Coldwater, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, Calif.
San Francisco, Calif.
Evansville, Indiana
Little Rock, Arkansas
Philadelphia, PA.
Baltimore, MD.
Waunakee, Wisconsin
Greenwich, Conn.
Cleveland, Ohio
Akron, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio

The secretary or correspondent of each group has the name and address of at least one member in each of the established groups for the use of traveling or visiting members. However, at the request of many of these groups may we ask that the New York office be used as a clearing house for all correspondence since but few local groups are equipped to handle the correspondence now coming to them from so many different directions. We shall gladly give full particulars about any of the listed communities upon request.

We all know that the A.A. solution really works if followed with patience, honesty and sincerity so we sympathize with the new prospect who said he certainly DID want to stop drinking but after listening a few minutes to our A.A. story said “Oh that!! – I tried it for two weeks and it doesn’t work”.

We shall appreciate receiving ideas, suggestions, criticisms, etc. of general interest for the purpose of this bulletin is to relate the many A.A.
groups in a friendly spirit.

So best regards to all and let us hear from you at any and all times.

Ruth Hock (signed)

Since it is not possible at the present time for us to furnish enough copies for distribution to every A.A. member, perhaps you will feel it advisable to read this copy aloud at a meeting.

(Our thanks to "Barefoot Bill!" for the above information!)

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