Each day more than 200 alcoholics find their way to Harry Irving and his "Twelfth Step House" on Barrow Street in New York’s residential Greenwich Village. Here Irving, a reclaimed alcoholic who owes his new life and inspiration to Alcoholics Anonymous, practices the teachings of that splendid organization. The men and women who come to his large basement room learn that Harry places special emphasis on the AA’s 12th Step. This is the prescription intended to insure against backsliding. A newly cured alcoholic learns that he can stay that way only by helping others rise from the dregs of despair. The operating costs of the "Twelfth Step House" are of shoe-string dimensions, the aims and achievements however, are of monumental magnitude. It derives its strength from Irving and other rehabilitated alcoholics who find their lasting salvation by lending a helping hand to others.

Photo Captions                    (Pictures no longer available)

- "Hank" a heavy drinker, gradually turns into a problem drinker with violent, ungovernable moods.

- When the craving for liquor takes over, it is only a step from a respectable life to the Bowery, the gutter and despair.

- Coming off a drunk, "Hank" is led to the "Twelfth Step House," a haven for homeless, penniless alcoholics.

Source: SUPRESSED©, February 1957

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