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Recovering youths will have reason to celebrate when the first annual British Columbia Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (BCYPAA) conference kicks off in Richmond tonight.

That's because the three-day event marks years of struggle to provide the kind of outreach that young people struggling with addiction need.

"For years, the only AA group for youth in B.C. has been in Vancouver," said the chair of the BCYPAA, who requested to keep with AA tradition and remain anonymous.

"But there are a lot of people looking for help across the province and we didn't want [local AA committees] to fizzle away like they have in the past."

So two years ago, the BCYPAA-endorsed local chapters began popping up across the province.

Hundreds now participate in weekly youth-oriented sessions.

Many of them will gather at the Delta Vancouver Airport, 3500 Cessna Dr., this weekend to share their stories and party in an alcohol-free environment. "It shows that people can have fun in recovery and share each others' darkest secrets," said the organizer. Tickets are $25 dollars at the door and open to anyone.

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