PLACES In A. A. History

(Many thanks go out to Archie M., who originally compiled most of this!!! -to Bill L. and Nancy O. who helped with the added information)

(B)      BILL W. by Robert Thomsen
(C)      CHILDREN OF THE HEALER by Bob Smith & Sue Smith Windows as told to P. Christine Brewer
(L)     LOIS REMEMBERS by Lois Wilson
(N)    NOT-GOD by Ernest Kurtz
(P)     PASS IT ON (AA)
(S)     SISTER IGNATIA by Mary C. Darrah
(MS) SERVICE MANUAL (AA) (? year/edition)
(W)   A.A., THE WAY IT BEGAN by Bill Pittman
Note: Each snippet is referenced: example (B 147)=Bill W. page 147, (N 283)=Not-God page 283,(P 111)=Pass It On page 111.
* # =edition -  "named" and "unnamed" references noted separately -  covers a liberal interpretation of 'first 164 pages' =Preface, Forwards, Dr's. Opinion, 11 chapters and Dr. Bob's story

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17 William Street, Newark, New Jersey, home Hank P.'s Honor Dealers; Bill's major headquarters until 1939, evicted not paying rent. (A 159) (B 292) (H 147) (P 191,193,220)

120 Broadway, New York  J.K. Rice Jr. & Co. stockbroker firm (P 77)

141 East 44th Street, New York, moved 1950; Bill's 1954 writing & research team idea he, Nell Wing, Ed B., projects 2nd edition Big Book update personal stories, full-length A.A. history started (A 207) (G 15,42,121) (H 157)

142 Amity Street, New York, Wilson's apartment shortly after Bill discharged Army 1922 (B 138) (P 66)

182 Clinton Street, New York, home Dr. Burnham Lois's father, Bill & Lois lived there beginning 1930, where Bill wrote 12 Steps while laying in bed; Ebby 12 stepped Bill November 1934 kitchen (A 160) (P 87,98,197)

2nd National Bank Building, Akron, Ohio,  Dr. Bob's office (C 117)

24th Street Clubhouse, 334 1/2 West 24th Street, New York, 1st place acquisitioned Fellowship meetings.  May 1940; Bert T. & Horace C. discovered, guaranteed rent; Wilson's moved into upstairs bedroom November 4 1940; Father Edward Dowling &
Bill meet rainy night 1940, torn down 1959  (A viii,12,38) (E 15) (G 66) (H 47,147) (L 131,172,181) (N 98) (P 238)

25 Broad Street, New York, Tobey & Kirk stockbroker house Frank Shaw joined after spitting J.K. Rice Jr. & Co. (P 78)

246 East 23rd Street, New York, Calvary Episcopal Mission, Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated (A 59,64) (N 18) (P 116) (W 151)

293 Central Park, West New York City, Towns Hospital nationally known hospital mental, physical rehabilitation alcoholics (L 85) (N 14) (P 100-101,111)

30 Rockefeller Plaza, New york,  December 1937 meeting. (L 109)

30 Vesey Street, New York, Room 703, official A.A. office; lower Manhattan; Works Publishing moved March 16, 1940 from Newark (A 187) (E 18) (G 86) (H 147) (L 129) (P 235)

33 7th Avenue, New Bedford, Bill & Lois 1st apartment (B 111)

38 Livingston Street, New York, expensive 3 room apartment Wilson's rented, not big enough rented 1 beside make larger 1927 (L 71) (P 80)

305 East 45th Street, New York, Bill's writing & research team idea he, Nell Wing, Ed B. moved 1955 loft building adjacent shipping department relieve overcrowding,
interruptions, distractions; A.A. archives started (G 15,70,121)
334 1/2 24th Street, New York, 334 1/2 West 24th Street clubhouse (A viii) (H 147) (L 172) (P 238)

42 Barrow Street, Greenwich Village, New York, apartment Bill & Lois stayed 3 months with friend Ora T. (L 130)

42 Chestnut Avenue, Rutland, Vermont  Bill lived 1903-1906  (P 20,22)

415 Lexington Avenue, New York,  Alcoholic Foundation moved 1944, cross Grand Central Station (A 198) (E 19) (G 5,62) (H 152)

468 Park Avenue South, New York,  small archives office, 8th floor; moved 1970 45th Street (G 70,121)

50 Broad Street. New York  Joe Hirshhorn's firm (P 94)

56th floor, R.C.A. Building, New York,  Bill, Dr. Bob, Hank P., Fitz, Ned P., Dr. Silkworth met John D. Rockefeller's contingent Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, A. Leroy Chipman, Albert Scott December 1937 to raise money  (A 147-148) (B 274) (H 59,142)

676 Palisades Drive,  home T. Henry Williams (P 145)

855 Ardmore Avenue, Akron, Ohio  Dr. Bob's home  (D 29) (P 151)

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Akron Ohio, A.A.'s founding city; 1st legitimate A.A. hospital refuge, treatment (S 148)

Alcoholic hospital beds late 1930s-early 1940s

Akron City Hospital, Just-A-Mere-Home [later called Green Cross Hospital], Evangelical Lutheran-Deaconess Hospital, East Cleveland Clinic, St. Vincent Charity Hospital. St. Thomas Hospital (S 79)

Apartment 72nd Street & Riverside Drive Manhattan; apartment where Wilson's stayed few months, belonged friend Leonard & Helga H. (P 216)

Army's Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, brigadier general interviewed Bill, accepted him; Bill failed physical March 1942 (P 272)

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Ballyhane Ireland, Sister Ignatia's birth place (S 42)

Battenkill Inn, Ebby lived 2 years Manchester Vermont, (P 112)

Bedford Hills, New York,  Wilson's home 1941, rural area New York State (D 91) (G 1) (L 133)

Bedford Hotel, New York,  Bill spent nights while Manhattan, A.A. business (P 304)

Bennington,  Vermont, lawyer involved Bill's parents divorce (P 25)

Blythewood Sanitarium, Connecticut, Marty M. 1st lady A.A. achieve lasting sobriety, introduced forcibly A.A. by Dr. Harry Tiebout medical director, (B 302) (H 369) (P 210-211)

Bound Brook, New Jersey,  Pathe Laboratories, (L 83) (P 91)

Brattleboro, Vermont,  Bill got teeth fixed, location Vermont state asylum (B 195) (P 105)

Brooklyn Law School, NY school Bill attended 3 years after leaving Army, never received diploma (P 64)

Brooklyn's Packer Collegiate Institute, NY,  school Lois Burnham completed (P 40)

Burlington, Vermont,  fall 1960, 25th A.A. Vermont anniversary, Bill received behalf A.A. citation given by Governor Stafford (G 57)

Burr & Burton, secondary school Bill attended, co-educational, 1 oldest schools
Vermont, students considered snobbish (B 48) (C 4) (N 12) (P 34)

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Calvary Church, Dr. Sam Shoemaker's church 4th Avenue & East 21st Street New York; operated 2 hostel's, 1 next door, 1 down-and-outers 23rd Street; Oxford Group U.S. headquarters run by Reverend Sam Shoemaker (N 18) (P 116) (W 151)

Calvary Episcopal Mission, 23rd Street New York; Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated; Ebby stayed there, heard Bill's condition (A 59,64) (N 18) (P 115)

Court House, Chambers House, court house where law students observed trials (B 134)

Camp Devens,  Massachusetts,  Bill discharged Army May 1919; Roger Burnham, Lois's brother stationed 1928 (B 121) (P 58)

Centerville, U.S.A., where Mr. Grassroots composite character portrayed everybody 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 from (A 41)

Central & Summer Streets, St. Johnsbury, Vermont  Dr. Bobs birth place (D 9,29)

Charles B. Towns Hospital, Bill in 4 times 1933-1934, met Dr. William D. Silkworth 1st person tell alcoholism illness; 293 Central Park West New York City, very expensive facility drying-out establishment treating alcoholics; no admittance unless paid advance & backed (A 143) (B 191) (C 4) (L 85,145) (N 14) (P 99-100) (W 163)

Childs, Akron, Ohio restaurant (P 165)

City Club, Akron, Ohio Dr. Bob would play bridge or hide when drunk  (D 33,112)

City Hospital, Akron Ohio,  Dr. Bob received 2 year internship 1910-1912 (C 2) (D 27)

Chrysler Building, New York, national distiller offices across 415 Lexington Street office (G 16)

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio   home Dr. Bob's office nurse (D 73)

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Danby, Vermont  where Bill's grandfather raised, 9 miles north East Dorset (P 28)

Dartmouth College, school Dr. Bob attended 1898-1902, 1902, 60 miles south Hanover New Hampshire (C 2) (D 17,348) (N 30)

Dayton, Tennessee,  near where Bill & Lois motorcycle accident (L 60) (P 75)

Dorset Pond, Vermont  summer folks renamed Emerald Lake; Bill's mother told of father leaving (B 20)

Duke University, center experiments precognition, researchers assembled extensive records extrasensory perception 1959's (G 57)

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East Dorset, Vermont,  Bill's birth place, grew up, buried, approximately 100 miles southwest St. Johnsbury Dr. Bob's birth place (D 12) (P 13,407)

Edinburgh, location Gifford Lecture series, reason William James's detailed analysis wide number religious or conversion experiences  (P 124)

Ekwanok Country Club, elegant country club Manchester Vermont; 1 of 1899 founders Lois & Ebby fathers (P 33,84)

Emerald Lake (Pond) called North Dorset Pond, summer folks renamed; Bill's mother told him & his sister about divorce; Bill & Lois met, Lois's family summer camp (B 20) (L 1) (P 24) (W 145)

Episcopal Church, Dr. Bob's funeral service, conducted Dr. Walter Tunks (D 344)

Equinox House, grand hotel Manchester Vermont, guests included Mrs. Abraham Lincoln & her son Robert Todd Lincoln (P 33)

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Fairbanks Morse,  St. Johnsbury scales manufacturing company. Dr. Bob employed 1902-1904 (D 24)

Filene's department store, Dr. Bob worked short time 1904 (D 25)

Flower Hospital New York,  Bertha Bamford, Bill's childhood sweetheart died, (P 36)

Fort Adams, near Newport Rhode Island, Bill sent 1918 await orders, last stop before embarkation (B 112) (L 23) (P 58)

Fort Monroe, Virginia  Bill received military training, commissioned 2nd lieutenant (P 54)

Fort Rodman, located outside New Bedford Massachusetts, Bill sent after training (B
104) (N 13) (P 54)

France, Bill stationed WWI   (C 4) (P 60)

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Gatehouse, Seiberling estate, Bill & Dr. Bob 1st met May 1935; Henrietta Seiberling lived (B 236) (C 5) (G 69) (L 95)

General Electric plant, Schenectady New York, 1st destination motorcycle trip after leaving East Dorset (B 148-149)

Gerald Street, Bill & Lois apartment Canada 1930 (B 169)

Giant Portland Cement, 2nd company Bill investigated during motorcycle trip 1925 Egypt, Pennsylvania (B 152) (L 45,63)

Goodfoot farm, Scotia New York, farm Bill & Lois worked motorcycle trip 1925 (P 72)

Green Mountain Trail, owner Battenkill Inn sent son & Ebby here try help, geographical cure (P 112)

Green Pond, New Jersey, summer bungalow where Wilson's stayed awhile (L 125) (P 215)

Green River Junction, near Dr. Leonard Strong's Bill's brother-in-laws farm, Bill went dry out (B 188) (L 84)

Greenshields & Company, brokerage firm Canada, Dick Johnson old friend Bill worked there (B 169) (L 81)

Greenwich Connecticut, Dr. Harry Tiebout's office (B 334)

Greystone, mental institution Morgan R. in (P 208-209)

G.S.O. locations, 1940 30 Vesey Street, 1944 415 Lexington Avenue, 1950 141 East 44th Street, 1960 18th floor 305 East 45 Street, 1970 building between 31/32
Street Park Avenue South (N 403)

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Hanover Inn, Hanover New Hampshire, fellows Dartmouth College hang out (D 18)

Hildene, Robert Todd Lincoln's summer home Manchester Vermont (P 33)

High River,  Alberta, around Marblehead British Columbia, Bill's farther went live, work after divorce (P 25)

Hospital's flower room, nook used only for dead patients waiting removal to morgue, funeral parlor (N 79)

Hotel Sevilla, very expense Cuban hotel, Bill & Lois stayed during on-site investigation Cuban sugar (P 79)

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Ignatia Hall, alcoholic ward St. Thomas Hospital (D 51)

Ivy Lee firm, John D. Rockefeller's publicity consultants, together with A.A. drafted
statement reference dinner February 8 1940 (A 185) (N 94)

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Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia, Dr. Bob received surgical training (D 33)

Jeffersonville. Indiana,  Bertha Bamford, Bill's childhood sweetheart place interment (P 36)

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Kaiser shipyard, Warren T. 1st employee alcoholic specialist industry (A 89)

Kessler's Donut Shop, Akron gathering, socializing place after early A.A. meetings (D 141,231)

Keuka College, central New York State Nell Wing attended, read article A.A. Liberty magazine Alcoholics & God by Morris Markey (G 5)

Kiel Auditorium, place A.A.'s 2nd International Convention St. Louis 1955; A.A. came age (A 1) (B 348) (G 96)

King School, Akron group met (D 348)

King School group, started Dr. Bob's house to small, 1 time 72 people there (C 131)

Knickerbocker Hospital, 1st New York hospital 1945 set aside alcoholic ward under A.A. sponsorship Dr. William Silkworth & nurse Teddy, pioneered best techniques combine medicine & A.A. (A viii,143,206) (G 87) (H 156) (L 145) (MS 16)

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Lancashire, England, British troop ship North Atlantic, Bill on it; [joy escape from disaster] metaphor describe feeling Bill probably had during WWI aboard ship, stopped panicked soldiers going topside from compartment loud bang heard (L 25) (P 59,162)

Last mile, long corridor 24th Street Clubhouse to meeting room (G 87)

Let's take tunk, Bill's slang, take walk (G 119)

Livingston Street, New York, apartment Bill & Lois knocked down wall make bigger (B 159-160)

Loeser's department store, Brooklyn store Lois worked early fall 1934 drapery department (B 196) (L 87) (N 25) (P 96)

Lower Siberia, 1st floor room below Upper Siberia 2nd story room farm house belonging Bob & Bag V., Bog Hollow Monsey New York; so cold called Upper Siberia (A 11) (L 122) (P 218)

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Manchester Airport, airport Bill, Ebby, Ted Burke, drunk 1929; Mrs. Orvis, town band & committee met them; 1st plane to land their (G 58) (L 77)

Manchester, Vermont, just south East Dorset on Rutland Railroad, fashionable resort town built foothills Mount Equinox, (P 33)

Manhattan West Side jail, Bill locked up 1 night drunkenness (L 75)

Manhattan's Downtown Athletic Club, Bill took speaking course; where Morgan R. kept prior speaking radio show We the People April 1939 (A 175) (B 289) (L 115) (N 90) (P 174,208)

Mayflower Hotel, South Main Street  Akron, Ohio  Bill stayed, lost proxy fight 1935; Bill placed call Reverend Walter F. Tunks Episcopalian minister Saturday afternoon May 1935 cause recalled New York helping drunks kept him sober; Bill called Henrietta Seiberling May 11 1935; Akron's most modern hotel, site given St. Thomas Hospital Guild annual May Ball, Oxford Group had meetings (A 65) (C 4-5) (D 56,63) (H 355) (L 95) (N 26-27) (P 136) (W 127)

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota  Dr. Bob received surgical training (D 33)

Miami Heart Clinic, Bill died 11:30 p.m. January 24 1971 (A xi) (G 2)

Montpelier, Vermont  reception held Admiral Dewey, Dr. Bob & Dr. Thompson went by hopping freight train as boys (D 21)

Mt. Peace Cemetery, Akron, Ohio  Dr. Bob & Anne buried (D 330)

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Naomi Hotel, Bill stayed early 1930's 1 night drunk (L 75)

National Bank Building, Akron, Ohio  Dr. Bob's office 1912-1948 (D 28)

New Jersey shore, Bill returned overseas after WWI (P 61)

New York Central piers, Bill worked 1919 after discharge Army driving spikes into planks after carpenters sawed, laid in place, wouldn't join union, threatened violence quit (B 127) (P 63)

New York Central Railroad, Bill worked, clerk insurance department 1919 (A 54) (P 63)

New York School Fine & Applied Art, school Lois Burnham attended (P 40)

North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, Vermont  Dr. Bob's mother was active (D 10)

North Dorset Pond, called Emerald Lake, Bill's mother told him & sister about divorce (P 24)

Norwich University, military college Northfield Vermont; Bill enrolled because easier entrance requirements than Massachusetts Institute Technology (P 42)

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Oak Park,  Illinois  Dr. Bob's wife to be taught school  (D 24)

Outside Winchester, Bill's Army unit stationed before transfer France (B 117)

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P.O. Box 658, Church Street Annex, mailing address Alcoholic Foundation (MS 12) (P 208)

Pass It On, 1st printing 1984 (P 6)

Plattsburgh, New York, new officers training camp (P 54)

Pleasantville. New York location Reader's Digest (A 158) (B 281) (L 112)

Point Barrow, Alaska, legend couple prospectors found Big Book in bottom empty oil drum, read it, sobered up, started A.A. farthest north group (A 82)

Portage Hotel, Akron, Ohio, Dr. Bob would hide drunk (D 33)

Portage Path, site Frank Seiberling's madison, exclusive section Akron (D 66) (P 137,151)

Portage Path Country Club, Henrietta Seiberling ask John Gammeter put Bill up; Bill stayed 2 weeks after meeting Dr. Bob, then stayed Smith's (C 5,37,124) (P 144)

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RCA Building, New York City, Willard Richardson's office 56th floor (P 183)

Rhine Institute, Duke University, conducted LSD experiments (P 376)

Riverside Drive & 120th Street, New York, General Service Office location as of 1995 (E 21)

Rockland State Hospital, Monsey New York, Bob V. started meetings December 1939; hospital headed Dr. Russell Blaisdell let busloads committed alcoholics go meetings South Orange New Jersey & New York City (A viii) (B 291) (P 218)

Rush University, Dr. Bob transferred from University Michigan fall 1907, received M.D. degree there 1910 age 31 (C 2) (D 26,348) (N 30)

Rutland, Vermont, Bill raised as a child (C 4)

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San Antonio, Texas,  Nell Wing taught Mexican high school, mother's home (G 6)

Scotia, New York, location Goldfoot's farm & General Electric radio research laboratories (P 72)

Seiberling estate, home Frank A. Seiberling Portage Path (D 66)

Shaftsbury, Vermont, Rowland H.'s home (P 115)

Short Hills, New Jersey, Lois Burnham teaching position 1916, lived with aunt operated it (P 55)

Smith summer cottage, Lake Champlain Vermont New York border  (D 13)

South Orange Community House, New Jersey,  locations 1st A.A. meeting New Jersey October 1939 (L 127)

Southampton, England, 66th C.A.C. Bill's Army unit disembarked (B 117)

St. Johnsbury Academy, Dr. Bob entered 1894; Calvin Coolidge 30th President attended (D 15)

St. Johnsbury academy gym, Dr. Bob senior year met future wife at dance (D 16)

St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Dr. Bob's birth place, grew up, approximately 100 miles northeast of East Dorset Vermont Bill's birth place (C 2) (D 12)

St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio,  Dr. Bob there often starting late 1920's, appointed courtesy staff 1934,  met Sister Ignatia 1928, they began treating alcoholics there August 1939; Sister Ignatia registrar charge admissions & bed assignments; 1st religious institution officially adopt permanent policy recognized rights alcoholics receive hospital treatment; pioneered best techniques combined medicine & A.A. (A 7,9,143,206) (D 15,45,348) (E 15) (H 156,203,336) (MS 16) (S 6-7,87)

St. Vincent's Charity Hospital, Akron, Ohio,  home Rosary Hall (A 8) (D 202)

Steinway Hall, A.A. meetings held rented parlor here 1939 (A 12) (B 290)

Stewart's Cafeteria, New York,  small group alcoholics meet after New York Oxford Group meetings; Bill hung out after release last hospitalization with ex-drunks after Oxford Group meetings (B 226,229) (L 94) (P 132)

Summer Street elementary school, St. Johnsbury, Vermont elementary school Dr. Bob attended 1885-1894 (D 12)

Swedenborgian Church, Bill & Lois married January 24 1918 Brooklyn (B 111)

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The Hill, nickname, Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont  (P 42)

Toledo State Hospital, mental hospital Massilon Ohio; Toledo's 1st A.A. hospitalization case wound up obstetric ward Women's & Children's Hospital, only place take him (D 12,126,257)

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Union Club, exclusive club Manhattan Park Avenue, Rockefeller A.A. dinner, February 8 1940 (A 182) (B 294-295) (E 15) (H 145) (L 128) (n 93) (P 232)

Universityof Michigan, school Dr. Bob entered fall 1905 pre-medical student age 26 (C 2) (D 25) (N 30)

Upper Montclair, New Jersey,  Hank P.'s home (B 263)

Upper Siberia, 2nd story room farm house belonging Bob & Bag V. Bog Hollow, Monsey, New York; so cold called Upper Siberia (A 11) (L 122) (P 218)

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West Reservoir,  Akron, Ohio,  Dr. Bob's summer cottage, taught children swim (D 14)

Whitehall, subway station Bill fell down stairs without breaking bottle gin (P 96)

White River Junction, rail yard, Dr. Bob bought hobo a sandwich (D 21)

Wilson House, village hotel East Dorset, Vermont, Bill born; Bill's mother & father
lived there (P 13)

Winchester Cathedral, England,  Bill brief moment needed & wanted God, France (L 25) (P 60)

Wit's End, name Bill's Bedford Hills studio (E 22) (L 156) (P 2)

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Y.W.C.A., Lois worked employment department (P 40)

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Zion Episcopal Church, Bertha Bamford funeral, Bill's childhood sweetheart Manchester, Vermont (P 36)

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