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The Legacy group was started with a coffee pot but NO resentment <grin>. In February of 1982, Frank N. asked Al W. and a few new guys to work a health fair at what was then, Towson State College. It was the first warm Saturday in a long, cold winter and there was a rugby game going on outside the hall. Inside were all kind of self help groups, associations and groups like A. A.  Guess where anybody with a pressing problem was.....right, they were out in the sunshine watching the rugby game. With nobody to talk to, Al W. wandered around introducing A. A. to anybody from the other groups that would talk. He found an exhibitor called the Epoch Counseling Center, i.e. Epoch House who not only listened but suggested he talk to Mr. Pat Bogan about starting an A. A. meeting there. Monday morning, Al W went and talked to Mr. Bogan.

They agreed that Monday night would be a good night for the meeting, but there was one problem. Epoch House was a non-profit organization and could not accept rent from the group. Al suggested that they accumulate the money in a mayonnaise jar and throw a big party once a year on the proceeds.  A. A. would then keep the people that were unable to make it home! Mr. Bogan found that suggestion so humorous that he made arrangements for the money to pass through as a donation thereby allowing A. A. to stick to its principles and Epoch House to stick to its charter.

At lunch at the Double Dragon Restaurant on Leeds Ave. in Arbutus with some A. A. friends, Al W. mentioned that he needed a name for the group. Nobody could agree that any of the suggested names was just "right." Al got a fortune cookie, opened it up and it said "You will receive a Legacy" Hence, the name, Legacy Group. Yep, right out of a fortune cookie!

The first meeting was held on May 10, 1982 with 11 people in attendance. It was also the first of many meetings in the Epoch House. After the fire in the Epoch House in April of 1989, the meeting moved. It is now located in the Church of the Holy Apostle, 4922 Leeds Avenue., Baltimore, MD 21229 and still meets each Monday at 7:30PM.

This meeting celebrated its 24th anniversary on May 13, 2006. You are invited to our next one!

A flyer from one of our early efforts

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